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From Drowning in Information to Being the Expert

How Anastasia Dorokhina Turned her Frustration into a Book Full of Solutions

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Have you ever found yourself researching something, trying to find answers for yourself, only to throw your hands up in the air and say, “I’ve got enough research here to fill a book!”

That’s what happened with Anastasia Dorokhina, author of ‘Time to Buy Your Perfect Home.’ Her quest to get out of the rental market and into her own home in Dubai took her on a deep dive into market analysis, expert advice, sales pitches, websites, comparisons and more. But this veteran of the finance and investment industry did not get overwhelmed by the information – she recognised an opportunity, one that turned into a book and launched her career as the go-to person for first home buyers in the United Arab Emirates and all over the world.

The book is a circuit breaker for short-term thinking when it comes to property ownership, and is a structured, easy-to-follow guide to help buyers navigate a competitive and sometimes daunting market. “Home is a feeling, not a place” says Anastasia, whose passion is helping people find that feeling of happiness that home can bring.

But how did she write the book that does this? With a little help of course! (Find out more about The Guided Author System here)

When a Blog Doesn’t Cut It

Like many subject-matter experts, Anastasia’s first thought when it came to empowering people with the knowledge she had collected was this: “Should I just start a blog?” But after wading through website after website and often finding more questions than answers, she knew she had to consolidate her hard-earned wisdom into something more formal and solid. Like Saahil Mehta and Ashutosh Sinha, working with a proven book-writing methodology had clear appeal.

“I realised it had to be a more formal methodology, and something more solid than just a blog or an article on the internet, says Anastasia. As serendipity would have it, she came across Passionpreneur. “[Moustafa Hamwi] told me about the methodology that he has for authors who are looking to put their ideas out to the world. I got excited about this and decided to write a book.”

Anastasia had a very vague idea about the shape a book might take, but that was it. “However, when I realised there were services that exist like Passionpreneur’s offering, the Guided Author package, I immediately understood that this is the solution that would help me to put my ideas into a book.”

Time to Buy Your Perfect Home was a project in the works.

From Daunting to Done

For Anastasia, accessing simple, actionable methodology helped her create clarity around her message. The result is an easy-to-follow book that delivers on its promise to help newcomers navigate a tricky market.

While Anastasia is still less than one year out from publication, she is already getting positive feedback and recognition from industry peers, clients, and colleagues.

“The feedback is very positive and especially my clients when they understand that I’m not just another real estate agent or salesperson in the market – that I’m also an international book author,” says Anastasia, a woman who doesn’t easily brag of her own success. “It creates a lot of trust and creates a lot of opportunity for business.”

It’s a vital factor in her industry, as she doesn’t want to simply make sales. She wants to help people find the feeling of “home.” For Anastasia, becoming an international author helped amplify her message and made her the go-to person on finding ‘home’ in Dubai.

Is it Worth the Time and Investment?

On this question, this expert in finance, investment and now real-estate is without doubt: “If you have an idea, if you want to tell something to the world, you should definitely do it. Whether it’s through book writing or through other means.”

“Becoming an author is a milestone in the career of each professional. If you want to consolidate all the knowledge, experience and methodologies that you have been practicing, I would say that a book is the right tool to do so.”

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Anastasia is a Real Estate expert in Dubai, helping people buy or sell their perfect home, or manage their portfolio. Best of all, she has managed to start out as a thought-leader in the first-home buyer’s market in Dubai.

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