About Passionpreneur Publishing

For us, it’s not about publishing. It’s about creating global thought leaders.

Creating Thought Leaders

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help inspiring leaders share their message with the world and become global thought leaders. Through this, we collectively spread passion & purpose in the world through a global Passionpreneur network.

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Our Specialization

So What Is It That We Do, Exactly?

The traditional publishing process is very slow. It will take you 6-12 months of knocking doors to even hear back from a publisher, and the answer is usually NO! Even if you are unlucky enough to get a yes, you will lose control of your content and take home just a fraction of the books sales in income.

Simply put, that’s crazy! It’s an old and broken model.

On the other hand, self-publishing is full of trial and error, lacks credibility and the final book is like any other DIY project – never up to an international standard that is flooded with self-published work of varying quality. So how do you stand out?


We give you the best of both worlds: the credibility and quality of a traditional publisher, mixed with the freedom and cost efficiency self-publishing. With that is an added bonus of a turn-key package that can take you from paper-napkin to paperback in 3-6 months, and get guidance post-publishing as part of our global Passionpreneur network.

Our Vision

To become the “TESLA” of thought leaders:

Forward-thinking, must-have, and unique.

Our Philosophy

We believe that for our authors, the journey is not about the book, but rather about who they become after they publish their book.
For us the journey is not about publishing, it’s about creating success stories, week upon week.

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Want to Know

What Does Passionpreneur Mean?

The world today is in a critical stage of its evolution, with many challenges giving rise to amazing innovations. The people leading the next phase of history are Passionpreneurs.

A Passionpreneur is an entrepreneur of passion and purpose who want to change the world and have fun while doing it. Those who want to lead a great quality lifestyle while having an amazingly successful business. Does this sound like you? The term was first coined by The National while describing one of our co-founders, Moustafa Hamwi upon his return from a one-way-ticket to India on a soul search journey. Read the full interview here.

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What We Believe

Our Core Values

These are the values that drive us every day and make us the gold standard in independent publishing.


Do it With Passion

We love what we do, so we give it our all


Keep it Simple

We simplify the process, communicate clearly and do it efficiently



We learn from our interactions, and grow both as people and as a system


Deliver Results

We deliver what we promise on-time and on-quality


Enjoy the Journey

Celebrate the small wins and have fun along the way

Meet the Board

World-Class Leadership and Insights

We believe in being totally passionate about everything we do, so we formulated a board of world-class advisors from across the globe covering wide spectrum of expertise from strategy, coaching, writing, editing, publishing and media industry to ensure we are using global best-practice in every service we offer and providing you with a global network of some of the world’s top thought leaders.

board ram ganglani passionpreneur publishing

Ram Ganglani

Chairman, Right Selection Group
Ram Ganglani brings 5 decades of experience, wisdom and expertise in the books and speakers industry. Right Selection represents some of the world’s top speaker names such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, Ron Kaufman and Prof. Tony Buzan.

board sohin lakhani passionpreneur publishing

Sohin Lakhani

CEO, Embassy Books
Sohin is a leading figure in the world’s third largest publishing market, India. His family has been in the business for 101 years. He specializes in the distribution of works by luminary authors such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill.

board bassem terkawi passionpreneur publishing

Bassem Terkawi

Director, Millenial Beauty Ltd.
Bassem (CPCC-MCC) is a leadership professional coach, and a faculty member at the Coaches Training Institute in CA, USA. After graduating with a law degree, he worked in Communications & PR, where he established strategies for multi-million-dollar projects.

Meet the

Core Team

board moustafa hamwi passionpreneur publishing


Founder & CEO
Moustafa is an award winning author, speaker & coach, and is recognized as the world’s leading expert on Passionate Leadership. He has been selected by world’s #1 Executive Coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as one of top 100 coaches globally.

board clare mcivor passionpreneur publishing


Senior Book Coach
She has spent the last decade coaching and editing non-fiction books, and heading up communications for a research-based organisation. She holds degrees in business, communication and in psychology.

Shobha - Book Coach and author


Book Coach
Shobha is a Creative Writing Coach. She has been a writer for over 25 years and has authored 11 books covering fiction, non-fiction, and self-help. Her passion is to guide and encourage authors through their writing journey.

Harika Book Coach


Book Coach
Harika has over 8 years of experience as a book coach, editor, and a writer. With a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism, she specializes in fiction and non-fiction, and is dedicated to helping aspiring authors shape stories that resonate.

core team cat martindale vale passionpreneur publishing


Publishing Manager
Cat is here to assist you in your publishing journey, nudging and pushing you to achieve your dream. She has an eye for detail and has always been an avid reader and supporter of authors everywhere.

Lolita Passion Assistant 400x400 1


Passion Assistant
Lolita is a top-performing admin, and a tech and marketing coordinator with 6+ years’ experience. She loves playing table tennis with her hubby and her two boys.

Dorie photo


Passion Assistant
Dorie is a seasoned expert in the field of remote administrative support with over 10+ years experience. She harbors a deep affection for dogs and is an enthusiastic gardener.

core team graeme brown passionpreneur publishing


Editing Lead
Graeme has over 10 years in book, business, and academic editing leading a team of 40 editors, including 8 specialist book editors who come from a range of industries including publishing. He has a post-graduate qualification in Mathematics, Psychology and Education.

core team linda honeysett passionpreneur publishing


Finance Lead
Linda has a Diploma in Accounting, and has over 2 decades of experience working for Bluechip companies such as Telstra. One of Linda’s key strengths is her natural capacity for being systems oriented and methodical in her approach to business.

Nesty Finance Team


Finance Team
Nesty’s passion, and love for bookkeeping keep pushing her towards new challenges and tasks that improve her skills. She is a wife, and a mother to 2 kids, at the end of the day a tidy house makes her life complete.


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