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Recognising the Moment

How Ashutosh Sinha Turned a Career Epiphany into a Bestselling Book

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Ashutosh Sinha was doing well in his career as a global HR leader and director. Having reached executive status at a young age and worked with some of the biggest corporate names in the USA, India, South Asia and the Middle East, he was already a sought-after expert in his field. Yet a realisation in the car on the way to work was about to send him on a personal journey that would result in a best-selling book and a new lease on life as a thought-leader, international author and mentor of other young executives.

Ashutosh recalls the moment with clarity: “One fine morning when I was driving to work, I had this sense of epiphany in my head: what am I going to work for? That epiphany made me go ahead and call my mentors, other CEO’s and executives who were in my network.”

Over the phone calls and conversations that followed, Ashutosh realised that all of them had been through a similar moment or crisis at some time. He realised that the vast majority of people have a moment of deep questioning over what they are truly achieving in their lives and careers.

It’s a crisis indeed – when you confront your reasons for doing what you do and asking if this is the legacy you want to leave. For Ashutosh, it was a thought that sparked a deep journey, but he didn’t want to keep the lessons he learned during this time to himself. A book was forming in his head. But what was the next step in this daunting task?

A Crisis Becomes a Bestseller

Ashutosh knew he needed to write. “I had the story in my head. I needed to tell the world that what I went through, nobody else needs to go through. Everyone needs to understand, based on my story and my life and that of many other mentors and CEO’s out there, how they can make that breakthrough in their life. But that was the easier part. The harder part was really getting it down on paper.”

Like Christian Farioli and Hanane Benkhallouk, Ashutosh struggled with the magnitude of the task: with so much expertise and so many key learnings in his head, how do you even start?

“Writing an article is easy I would say, or writing a few papers is sometimes not so easy but not so hard either. But putting a book together is really a mammoth task. It was a project I’d never really done. So, my biggest challenge was how do I really get going on that,” he says.

Blueprinting His Way to DONE

For Ashutosh, the first breakthrough was when he met with the CEO of Passionpreneur. It was here that he was introduced to our ground-breaking blueprinting system. “As we got talking, I realised that it’s not about writing a book. It’s about living your experience on paper in a way that is very structured. I got into putting a process together, certain blueprints which came through my greatest conversations.”

“That blueprint really helped me crack the huge mountain in front of me – how to put all my experiences, my research and thoughts, and pack it into one solid book that was not too big so no one would pick it up (that was another challenge).”

Ashutosh insists that he couldn’t have done it without the blueprint which made the abstract idea of writing a book something much more methodical and even scientific.

He’s not the only one who has felt this way either! Passionpreneur’s Blueprinting System makes big tasks achievable by taking a structured, methodical approach to planning the book so that the writing comes easy. Download your free publishing guide today.

Writing a Book is a Transformative Experience

Ashutosh vividly remembers the day his book arrived, and he held it in his hands. That book was the symbol of all that had gone into it, but also how much he had personally grown over the process – from idea to publication. “I still get goosebumps when I think about how I really look at myself today. At that point in time when I published the book, the child in me which was an author suddenly grew many years in a few weeks. That’s how I look at it. And I loved doing it, the entire process.”

What’s the return on investment for this bestselling international author and thought leader? Despite all his achievements since writing Breakthrough: The Framework for an Inspired Career, it’s not what you’d think. “The impact of my success today is most felt by me – not as a celebrity, not as an author or someone out there who is putting a story together, but as someone who can express his thoughts much more clearly and put it out there for the world,” he says.

“At the same time, the way the world recognises you, as an intellectual, as someone who loves to share something with someone else not in a way when you are trying to be brash about it but in a way that you can help other people change their own lives.”

The power of a book to help someone change their life, or to help a transformational story reach a wider audience is something Ashutosh Sinha strongly believes in. If you ask him the best way that thought leaders and executives can help others, he is emphatic in his answer. “The best way they can actually help others – through their own experience and their own story. And the best way they can do that is through a book.”

He goes on to say that “It’s worth every penny every hour and every second. You should invest that because you will have left something to the world which is a legacy of something of yourself.”

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Ashutosh has worked as the Human Resources Leader for some of the best global organisations in the US, India, South-east Asia and the Middle East. Over the last 25 years, he has developed deep expertise in Leadership Transformation and Organisational Change.

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