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From Desk Drawer Notes to an Award Winning International Book

How Hoda Elsobky turned a lifetime dream into a reality through becoming a Passionpreneur author

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It’s a familiar story: a subject matter expert wants to write a book. They know they need to do it. They have a wealth of knowledge to put into words. But thirty or forty pages in, the task becomes overwhelming, so those words of wisdom get put in a desk drawer and gather dust.

That’s what happened with Hoda Elsobky. She’s the kind of mentor everyone needs. Why? Because her field of expertise is happiness. “My greatest passion is to connect with people and help them find out their true and authentic sources of happiness,” says the keynote speaker and happiness mentor.

“The true purpose of my book, Dare To Be Happy, is that I want to help people to go more into the humanistic side of life and to get away from the attachments to the material side of life. Through this structure, through this message, they will find out a more consistent and eternal kind of happiness.”

– Hoda Elsobky

Her passion for the topic is easy to see as she talks about the study, the science, and the philosophy that has gone into crafting her message. It seems happiness is an art and a science, not just something you stumble into.

A Personal Journey that Became an Enterprise and an Area of Expertise

Being a happiness coach isn’t a job for someone who has never struggled with the topic. Raised in a world where success was a core value often tied to money or possessions, Hoda entered a vicious cycle of unhappiness. “I got a new car, then I saw a new model or a bigger car. When I got the house of my dreams, I saw a bigger house. When you get slim, you see slimmer people than you. When you get rich, you meet richer people than you. These are not the true sources of happiness,” she explains.

Instead, she learned to dig in other directions to find authentic happiness, and now she coaches other people on how they can do the same. She’s all about connecting with and finding “consistent, eternal and true” sources of happiness – the kind that doesn’t ride on the waves of economy or career.

Connecting with the Wisdom Within

“Before writing the book, I had many struggles,” says the renowned coach. “I didn’t have the confidence to write the book even though I had studied the science and philosophy of happiness. I didn’t have the courage or flow of thinking to write a whole book.”

Forty pages of notes got put in a drawer when the flow of thinking dried up. From her first contact with Passionpreneur, she was able to reconnect with the flow of thinking and began structuring the book. It may have seemed impossible on her own, but with through accessing expert coaching through Passionpreneur’s unique offering, she was able to finish her book in just five months.

Five months between “Impossible” and “Done.”

Two years all alone and struggling had come to nothing. But through accessing Passionpreneur, she found not only the tools she needed to write the book, but she gained clarity, courage and credibility as an international author with a strong online presence.

“I achieved my goal in 2019 (when my book was published on Amazon). It was a dream come true for me. When I held it in my hands, it was an incomparable sense of pride, achievement, self-actualisation and happiness” she says.

Since publication, “The Happiness Matrix” founder’s influence has only expanded, bringing with it opportunities to take her messages to stages and publications around the world, essentially giving her message a global platform. She still mentors individuals, and her expertise and clarity is something her clients rave about.

While many claim to have the answers to happiness, Hoda has successfully brought science (including positive psychology), philosophy and process together to create an insightful and workable approach that digs deep beneath the surface.

These days, her social media following has grown into the thousands. She was recently recognised for the second year running as an honouree for the “Brainz 500 Global” list which recognises leaders in business, enterprise and subject expertise. She has also received the “She Author Award” at the 2021 Women in Leadership Summit. As a keynote speaker and writer with the world at her feet and her influence only growing since the release of her book, her passion remains helping people find true and authentic happiness.

It’s all knowledge that would have been locked up inside one person with a limited amount of time to engage with individuals. Now, it is available in book form worldwide allowing thousands more people to access this priceless happiness recipe. 

What an inspirational way to make the world a better place.

Make the first step moving from Impossible to Done. Contact Passionpreneur today.

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Hoda Elsobky was born in Cairo, Egypt and graduated from The American University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Hoda’s greatest interest lies in the fields of philosophy and positive psychology, with a focus on self-help and wellness. Above all, she’s passionate about happiness as a way of living!

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