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Flipping the Situation

How Sadaf Tauqir used the COVID-19 recession to upscale her business through becoming a Passionpreneur international author

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If you are living in a collectivist society, then people skills matter. That’s just how it is. But expertise to navigate a diverse world of egos, attitudes, cultures and personalities doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it can be quite scary. How then do you master the art of interpersonal skills and give yourself and others second chances? To one author, it all starts with a very simple recognition.

“Everybody is irritated by someone,” says Sadaf Tauqir, a corporate coach and soft skills specialist who has now added ‘Author’ to her impressive résumé. “That irritation is due to circumstances, situations, mindsets or wrong timings.”

It’s a fact of life, but it’s not one people talk about all that often. Thankfully, Sadaf Tauqir was willing to step outside the norm, take this topic head on, and empower people with the knowledge and soft skills necessary to flip the script, give themselves and others second chances, and thrive in a society where we must deal with other people.

Her book “Flip” contains keys to live a relaxed life even if you are faced with challenging situations.

Inside its pages, and inside her thriving coaching practice, Sadaf focuses on life and people skills in a collectivist society. This makes the book a must-read for anyone who has felt overwhelmed by the litany of interpersonal skills needed to thrive in difficult situations.

“I’ve struggled, myself, as well,” says the corporate coach. “It was hard to understand that there was no guideline for if I want to be with people, but on my own terms.”

Flip refers to the central concept of second chances. But another synchronicity is clear: the book was written in a time when opportunity seemed like it was decreasing, but Sadaf managed to flip that situation, too. “I was working full time, and then Covid happened. Covid gave me the time to actually put down my thoughts in a structured way, and that is how “Flip” came into being.”

An Impetus to Put Herself Out There

For Sadaf, this meant solving problems with examples. “This is a very hands-on book,” she says. In fact, Sadaf’s practicality shines alongside the impressive self-reflective ability she has harnessed in order to confront the challenges, triggers and let-downs associated with leaving a tough conservative South Asian upbringing for what she terms glitz and freedom of Dubai.

But it wasn’t a transition made easily. In fact, Sadaf faced some very real challenges upon relocation.

“Searching for a solution, I reflected on how I could see beyond my own irritations and stop being a slave of my own perceptions. That’s when I came across the immensely rich world of NLP [Neuro-linguistic programming], discovering both power and life-changing purpose in my newfound ability to manage challenges with an open mind and never let any interaction be a burden.”

That paradigm shift has seen the author and coach thrive in the corporate and individual coaching sector. With a wealth of training and life wisdom behind her, it is her passion to empower people through taking on the vital issue of soft-skills needed to thrive in life and business.

A Bigger Legacy, A Boom in Influence

Every author has red letter days. Sadaf recalls hers vividly.

“One fine day, my friend came to my home and in her hand was my book. It was hard to stop my tears at that time, but I felt so empowered by the message that book was carrying. I am leaving a legacy for other people who might go through the same situation, who might feel stuck in similar situations and don’t know how to go about it. Looking at that book made me think everything is possible if you just start doing it.”

These days, the corporate trainer raves about the Passionpreneur process that allowed her to put her thoughts into a clear and workable structure that opened the door to opportunity. “After this book, I hold authority in my area. When I talk about soft skills and people skills, it adds value to my work as a corporate trainer.”

Her influence on social media has boomed, too. Where her followership had previously hovered around 500, it has now skyrocketed into the 5-digit space with the monetisation of her YouTube channel now in process. Adding visibility and credibility through becoming an international author now allows her to make money while she sleeps.

It’s Not Just About the Book

Sadaf’s eye for the practical is clear when she talks about how to make the investment so you can grow your brand and your financial autonomy through the coaching and publishing process involved in becoming a Passionpreneur international author.

She compares the experience to spending on a holiday or some other thing that exists for the short term. “This is actually an experience for the long run. Once you have written a book, it stays with you. You can add things to it. You can add online courses to it. You can add some merch to it. You can add any physical products to it. This is an investment.”

For Sadaf, it’s not just about the book. It’s about the process of transformation that allowed her to tap into the wisdom she already held, and level up her legacy and influence through empowering more people to thrive. For a girl who grew up in a tough conservative background and is now a thriving coach making a difference in many lives – that’s one impressive “Flip”.

Start your Passionpreneur Journey today.

See Sadaf’s interview here.

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Sadaf is a soft skills specialist, blogger, and corporate trainer. She is also a “Mindset Makeover Mentor” for committed professionals. She helps people transit from their tiresome experiences, so they can take advantage of hidden opportunities around them.

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