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From Introvert to International Speaker and Dynamic Thought Leader

How Dr. Hanan Selim increased her network and her net worth through becoming an international author

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Dr. Hanan Selim is a reputable health professional who has worked in some of the most prestigious medical facilities in Manhattan. Her ground-breaking work is a masterstroke when it comes to understanding and gaining control of the mind-brain-organ triad that dictates the health of every individual on the planet.

As Dr. Hanan takes to stages around the world, speaking about this dynamic system, she is trading on years of research and experience that all boils down to a simple recognition: you cannot live your best life if your body is failing you.

Dr. Hanan’s book, “Second Chances” is all about how to drastically improve your health and wellbeing and gain superhuman performance. It is inspirational, but it comes from a place that is a lot less sunny.

In her life as a health professional, Dr. Hanan had noticed a deeply concerning trend. Often, people who had succeeded in kicking cancer, losing massive amounts of weight, or getting serious diseases like diabetes under control would return some years later having relapsed severely. These relapses would often be dangerous or life-threatening predicaments such as the return of now-terminal cancer, or an autoimmune disorder once controlled but now back with a vengeance and spiralling.

The best protocols in the industry were not delivering the best results for these people in the long term. There had to be a better way.

A Quest to Find Answers

The first nagging question is obviously, “Why is this happening and how can we change things quickly for this patient?” But Dr. Hanan wanted a deeper answer. It took her on a quest to discover what was driving these health crises.

Hundreds of hours of research have now been distilled into a ground-breaking book that anyone can read, understand and more importantly, act upon to get great results.

“The root cause is in the mind. The mind gives the body marching orders,” says Dr. Hanan. We then witness the end results in our organs. This can be a path to doom and destruction, or we can bio-hack our bodies and get into the driver’s seat.  

It is here that Dr. Hanan’s dedication, research and passion became a gift that the world needed. She had emersed herself in the process of research and understanding so she could begin working upstream and helping people gain control before the crisis. Her passion was unleashed on empowering people to live their best lives and maximising the impact of her message.

A New International Author, A Newly Transformed Person

She credits Moustafa Hamwi, the pioneer behind Passionpreneur Publishing, as the key to the transformation that happened next. Through the unique Passionpreneur coaching and book creation process, she was able to not only become an international author, but tap into the internal genius that allowed her to rise to the top of her field.

“The most important thing that allowed me to become an international author is that it broke the mould. I’m actually an introvert by nature. [This] gave me the opportunity to come out of this shell, if you will. Because it is a journey, you come out a different person when you become an author at the end of that journey. You become able to tap into your powers and tap into the information that you want to bring to the world. It’s no longer about you. It’s about the impact. It’s about the transformation and the results you are trying to bring to the world,” she says.

“The return on investment is so much more than just the monetary value,” says Dr. Hanan. “It allowed me to expand my network and my net worth. I was able to connect with influential people and leaders and sharing the stage with world-renowned speakers, travelling the world, receiving lots of awards, and of course getting recognised by World Health Gurus as the most influential thought leader in health and wellbeing.”

A Life and Career Changing Journey

The journey has been filled with big moments for Dr Hanan. Not only is her book changing lives and allowing people to tap into the very best their health can offer, but she is a self-described new person: one who has gotten rid of any self-talk, self-beliefs or excuses that stopped her from making a maximum impact. She has become a person who has the skills to expand the impact of her message.

These days, they call her the pharmacist of the future. Her prescription is one that leads people into mastery of the “mind-brain-organ” system, thereby releasing them to live according to their passions, and create the life they have only ever dreamed of.

Dr. Hanan’s journey proves that it’s not just about the message. Everyone has a message. But going on a journey to becoming thought leader and international author who can make a maximum impact – that is a process. Take the first step today.

Read Dr. Hanan’s book here.

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Dr. Hanan is known as “the pharmacist of the future”. She uses a revolutionary, scientific, evidence-based, cutting-edge system called “Healology” (RPH Method program plus therapeutic grade essential oils) that she dispenses as “natural prescriptions” that have nothing to do with drugs or pills and all to do with a customised Holistic Health system that is effective and predictable. She blasts the root-cause breaking people out of a limited mindset and unleashing rapid fat loss, incredible health and superhuman performance.

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