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Coaching Towards Clarity

How Professor Christian Farioli used Passionpreneur coaching to get an encyclopaedia worth of knowledge into a focused, game-changing book

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These days, it’s an extremely rare business that succeeds without digital marketing. It can truly be the make or break of an enterprise. When you are looking for digital marketing expertise, they don’t come more reputable or experienced than Professor Christian Farioli.

The Italian-born marketer first burst onto the digital marketing scene when social media was still in its infancy, travelling from Milan to Dubai to leave his mark on a growing industry. In 2003, he launched the first B2B Google campaign for Oracle and has been attracting awards and recognition ever since.

Back then, he was the self-described “Crazy guy, doing crazy things that nobody understood.” However, his all-in approach as one of the earliest adopters of digital marketing has earned him a reputation as a trailblazer in his industry. He’s a entrepreneur, keynote speaker and lecturer with enough digital marketing expertise to fill an encyclopaedia. There was just a small problem.

No one wants to read an encyclopaedia: they want to read a book.

Digital marketing is full of complexities, but for Professor Chris, distilling his wealth of information down into a digestible format proved challenging when he attempted it on his own.

“I realised that the best way to explain [these complexities] to everyone was to write a book. I had been cooking this idea for a very long time, until finally I met Moustafa and started my Passionpreneur Journey,” he says.

“Sharing knowledge by writing a book is an amazing experience,” says Professor Chris. “The problem is that I always have a lot of ideas. Once I start writing that down, out comes a massive, massive amount of content.”

The problem wasn’t knowledge. He had more than enough of that.  What he needed was access to the expertise needed to focus that into a single book that could be understood by any reader with a vested interest in digital marketing.

The Process and the Pizza

“I needed the help of someone who has been doing this for a very long time who could help me channel the ideas in one direction; someone that can critically see myself from outside. That’s where I realised it was time to get an expert,” says Professor Chris. “You know what you want, but when you get someone from outside, they see your idea, they see your journey, that’s a big help.”

Professor Chris credits his Passionpreneur with helping him access the coaching perspective and publishing expertise necessary to help him create a book that lives up to its purpose. The tool he used to weave together his magnum opus was none other than the thing his homeland is famous for: pizza.

“Digital marketing is such a complex topic, but when I explain things using pizza, everyone understands it and has a lot of fun,” says the proud Italian. Through Passionpreneur’s unique coaching model and content creation process, he was able to bring laser focus to all that complexity and create a book that helps passionate marketing professionals become the Chief Digital Officer in their organisation – a position he credits as being “the pinnacle of marketing.”

And so “The Pizza Guide to Digital Marketing” was born.

Passionpreneur helped me get my ideas straight.

– Prof. Christian Farioli

Passionpreneur’s unique coaching and content creation system helped Professor Chris move from ‘thinking about writing’ to holding a book in his hands. Even for a digital marketer, this physical product is still a game changer. “Without Passionpreneur, I’d still be thinking about writing for many more years,” he says.

So what does a book do for a digital marketer?

“When you go to a meeting and you bring a copy of your book with you, they look in a different way,” says Professor Chris, whose pasts clients include NASA, as well as telcos, banks, hospitality companies, real estate agencies, health care and pharma as well as and Bluechip clients.

It’s market positioning and recognition that very few people in his niche can claim, and the world is not without people claiming to be digital marketing experts. Through publishing his book with Passionpreneur, Professor Chris has been able to solidify his place as the go-to expert on digital marketing, offer an extra level of credibility, and empower other people who share his passion for the topic.

Every week, he receives calls, messages or comments from people who have read the book and need help. So, the best thing Professor Chris has received out of the book, apart from increased recognition, is new clients. For Passionpreneur, it’s not just about the book. Its about the journey you go on and the person you become at the end of the process. For Professor Chris, it’s a journey that has certainly been worth it.

Start your journey today.

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Chris is a Digital Marketing Institute lecturer and has spoken at more than 30 international conferences, including at NASA. He holds 11 marketing certifications, 12 awards and is considered a reference point for digital marketing globally. He is the creator of the WALT$ System, the first future-proof digital strategy until 2030, a system as refined as him being “Made in Italy”.

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