We have published numerous books that made a huge impact on people’s lives, including the authors’ and thousands of readers’. Here are some of our favorites.



by Mohanad Alwadiya

Live Passionately

by Moustafa Hamwi

Passionate Hoteliers

by Abdin Nasralla (co-authored by Noreen Nasralla)


The Formula

by Pegah Gol
Book Cover - The Game of Change

The Game of Change

by Geeta Ramakrishnan
Book Cover - Breakthrough


by Ashutosh Sinha


by Omar Al-Duri


Own It!

by Shefali Karani

Second Chances

by Dr. Hanan Selim

Beat the Odds

by Mona Alhebsi

This Is What Tickles Me

by Khaled M. Ismail

Peace In…

by Bassem Terkawi


Breaking Bread

by Gautam Ganglani


Spartan CEO

by Dr. Corrie Block


Weighed Down

by Nilam Shah

Ladies & Gentlemen

by Siama Qadar


In Public Service

by Sultan A. Alshaali


Breaking Ceilings

by Tariq A. Amro


The Connection Phenomenon

by Matthias Jackel

The Road Less Travelled

by Abdul Nassar


Dare to Be Happy

by Hoda Elsobky

Playing Piano in the Courtroom

by Dr. Diana Bayzakova


Live Deliciously

by Kay Joosub


The Change Mindset

by Cyriel Kortleven


But Really, How Are You?

by Rana Abu Samaha

Generation Grit

by Ida Banek


by Nivarti Jayaram



by Joy Salameh

A Lioness Heart

by Genevieve Pantin

Plan C

by Dr. Sanjeev Dixit


by Humaira Nasim

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