Return on Expectation

video cover success story anthony joseph passionpreneur publishing

Building a real-estate portfolio or business seems might seem easy for some – if they know the country well or they have a decent amount of financial backing. When Anthony Joseph arrived in Dubai, he had neither. He was a stranger in a land of opportunity, and he had just $500 holiday money in his […]

From Executive to Author to Thought Leader

video cover success story abdalla nasr passionpreneur publishing

For more than ten years, Abdalla Nasr’s job was to go around the world and hire, promote, assess, develop and let go of people. This task sparked an interest in him. “I’ve always been interested in understanding why there are certain people who climb the corporate ladder faster than others,” says Abdalla. “I decided to […]

Recognising the Moment

video cover success story ashutosh sinha passionpreneur publishing

Ashutosh Sinha was doing well in his career as a global HR leader and director. Having reached executive status at a young age and worked with some of the biggest corporate names in the USA, India, South Asia and the Middle East, he was already a sought-after expert in his field. Yet a realisation in […]

Spreading Seeds of Change

video cover success story hanane benkhallouk passionpreneur publishing

Hanane Benkhallouk has a unique business offering. A leader in her field with more than twenty years’ experience, a transformation strategist and executive director of a sustained leadership consultancy, a woman leading the charge for adaptability in the business landscape in the UAE – she had a lot to offer. As the 20th anniversary of […]

From Desk Drawer Notes to an Award Winning International Book

Success Story Hoda Elsobky Desk Drawer Notes to Award Winning International Book Passionpreneur Publishing

It’s a familiar story: a subject matter expert wants to write a book. They know they need to do it. They have a wealth of knowledge to put into words. But thirty or forty pages in, the task becomes overwhelming, so those words of wisdom get put in a desk drawer and gather dust. That’s […]

Coaching Towards Clarity

Success Story Christian Farioli Coaching Towards Clarity Passionpreneur Publishing

These days, it’s an extremely rare business that succeeds without digital marketing. It can truly be the make or break of an enterprise. When you are looking for digital marketing expertise, they don’t come more reputable or experienced than Professor Christian Farioli. The Italian-born marketer first burst onto the digital marketing scene when social media […]

From One Woman to the World

Success Story Geeta Ramakrishnan One Woman to the World Passionpreneur Publishing

Human behavior has always been a point of fascination for Geeta Ramakrishnan. Starting her career working in human resources, she became keenly aware of the multiple pressures modern adults, and especially women, take on. With life wisdom behind her, and expert coaching in the discipline, she became an ontological life coach and began to empower […]

Solving the Speed-to-Market Debacle

video cover mohanad alwadiya success story passionpreneur publishing

Mohanad Alwadiya, the man dubbed The Wolf of Real Estate, is at the helm of a multi-billion-dollar real estate and asset management firm. He is also a content producer and presenter for some of the highest-rated TV shows in the Middle East, as well as being a sought-after commentator whose insight into the Dubai property […]

Dr. Corrie Turns His Book Spartan CEO Into a Bestselling Masterclass

Success Story Dr Corrie Block Book Into Masterclass v2

Dr. Corrie Block has been coaching executives on how to lead to a better competitive advantage through mental, physical, and organizational fitness for years. But it was not until a few of the CEOs he was coaching suggested he must put his methodology into a book that he had his lightbulb moment. He had all […]


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