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Author of "Time to Buy Your Perfect Home"

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Author of "Breakthrough"

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Author of "Who's Your Mummy?"

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Mahi Amin

Author of "Life as We Don't Know It"

“The knowledge and experience of the team with respect to marketing, publishing, and book construction was beyond belief.”

Book Cover Life As We Dont Know It Mahi Amin
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Larissa Redaelli

Author of “Happydemic”​

“Very impressive, from step one till the last step – the coaching sessions are amazing and really help you stay on track.”

Book Cover Happydemic
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Sarah Tabet

Author of “Inclusion Starts With U”

“My book was only possible due to the drive of Passionpreneur Publishing’s experts, mentors, coaches, and the amazing structured portal.”

Book Cover Inclusion Starts With U
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Stephen Fernandes

Author of “Relaunch to Win”

“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me achieve my dreams…my journey was exciting and full of learning.”

Book Cover Relaunch to Win
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Ashutosh Sinha

Author of “Breakthrough”

“What I especially liked was the scientific chapter blueprinting technique which helped bring out the author in me.”

Book Cover Breakthrough Bestseller v2
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Saahil Mehta

Author of “Break Free”

“Thanks to Passionpreneur Publishing, I now consider myself to be an expert…I can’t wait to write my second book through them.”

Book Cover Break Free
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Sadaf Tauqir

Author of "FLIP"

“The support we get as a community is amazing. Everything is so structured, with no pain at all.

Book Cover Flip
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Kiran Shah

Author of “Pink Shoes and Jilbaab”

“My writing journey was incredible. Passionpreneur were very professional, very hands-on, and they guided me through everything.”

Book Cover Pink Shoes and Jilbaab
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Genvieve Pantin

Author of “A Lioness Heart”

“I had very good support from the Passionpreneur team. I had a gift, and the Passionpreneur team gave me the platform to give it away.”

Book Cover A Lioness Heart
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Dr. Jamal Chaykhouni

Author of “ADR Post Crises”

“I found Passionpreneur Publishing to be very proactive and very systematic. I would recommend any writer to proceed with them.”

Book Cover ADR Post Crises
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Alexis Dunstan​

Author of "Who's Your Mummy?"

“Who’s Your Mummy?” would have never been written were it not for Moustafa Hamwi and Passionpreneur Publishing.”

Book Cover Whos Your Mummy
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Anastasia Dorokhina

Author of “Time to Buy Your Perfect Home”

“They were my friends, mentors, and coaches all in one. I sincerely recommend working with Moustafa and his team for anyone looking to write their first book.”

Book Cover Time To Buy Your Perfect Home

"I know Moustafa Hamwi, the owner of Passionpreneur Publishing. I know how detail-oriented he is. I wanted to work with the best, and he is able to deliver phenomenal work. That's why I chose them."

- Dr. Hanan Selim, Author of "Second Chances"

"My favourite thing about working with Moustafa and the team at Passionpreneur was the fact that we always challenged each other to deliver the best product we can."

- Khaled M. Ismail, Author of "This is What Tickles Me"

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Bestselling Authors

See what our bestselling authors have to say.

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Author of "Reset"

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Author of “This Is What Tickles Me”​

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Author of “Spartan CEO" and "Business is Personal"


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