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Return on Expectation

How Anthony Joseph Created a Book that is a Legacy for Generations

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Building a real-estate portfolio or business seems might seem easy for some – if they know the country well or they have a decent amount of financial backing. When Anthony Joseph arrived in Dubai, he had neither. He was a stranger in a land of opportunity, and he had just $500 holiday money in his pocket. But what he lacked in wealth and connections, he made up for in passion. This was a man with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After working hard and cementing himself on the real-estate scene in Dubai for several years, the Covid-19 lockdowns happened – and here, a lifechanging decision took place. AJ decided he was going to write a book. “It was extremely unplanned, actually. It happened during lockdown in Dubai. When I was sitting at home, I was about to lose my mind and I had a lot to share so that’s how I started writing this book.”

Today, AJ is the co-founder of multiple companies in Dubai and the author of the Amazon bestselling book “Take Charge”. The life changing book brings together his rags-to-riches story, his no-nonsense approach to real-estate, and his hard-earned wisdom along the way.

It’s a book about taking charge of your life, like the title suggests, but the book almost fell prey to a very common problem.

Nearly There and…it All Comes to a Crashing Halt.

When Anthony Joseph began writing, it came with ease, he recalls. “When you start writing a book, it’s very easy to have the ideas flow and you put it all down together and then suddenly out of nowhere you hit a brick wall. You still have a lot of content to write but you don’t know to make it all come together. This is where I needed help.”

Luckily, I found Passionpreneur, Moustafa Hamwi, I spoke to him, and he started laughing saying “Everyone goes through the same process that you are going through.” Then he showed me how to make everything more organised: how to make the chapters, the titles, the subtitles, so you have a very nice and successful system. I recommend everyone who is writing a book to use it.

To be honest, I feel like I manifested Passionpreneur. I was thinking like “I started this book. I’m almost 70% of the way there, but I cannot finish it, what can I do as a solution? And suddenly I received an email from Passionpreneur asking ‘Are you looking to become an author? Are you looking to have a book? We are the people to help you.’“

It’s a common problem – one Passionpreneur was built to solve. In fact, two of our other authors, Hanane Benkhallouk and Christian Farioli faced the same problem. That’s why bringing books together with good book strategy, architecture, and then chapter structure is a breeze once the right team is engaged.

“[Passionpreneur] are always responsive. They always have a solution. They will never say no to you. They will say “let us come back to you within a day or two” and they always promise and deliver,” says Anthony.

For Anthony, it meant ‘Take Charge’ was completed and on its way to bestseller in less than ten months from start to finish.

Return on Investment? Or Return on Expectation?

When you first start writing a book, the idea of holding it in your hands can seem very far off. Indeed, with traditional publishing, it can be years before you hold your book in your hands, if you are lucky enough to land a contract at all!

For Anthony, holding his book was surreal. “I was in a bit of believing and the denial stages where I was like ‘that’s me! Is it all really ready?” It took me a few weeks to really start feeling the book, embracing it, and seeing what kind of changes it has brought to many people.”

“I cannot say I got return on investment. I got return on expectation. I expected this book to achieve massive changes and it really did. No has read the book and implemented it on a daily basis who is not killing it in Dubai and there are 70 to 80 agents as an example of that” he says.

The Book Means Authority. And Authority Means Credibility.

For Anthony, the return on investment in profound. “The book means authority. And authority means credibility. Once you are an author and you have the proper material in your book, it will elevate something in your career – whether it is more exposure or more credibility, it gives you access to multiple business methods.”

“Everyone has something to say. Everyone has experienced something. Don’t treat it as an investment where you are writing a book to make money out of it. See it as a tool to make an impact on generations. People will read your book after months, years and even decades so make sure you take the time to write in your book what is in your mind,” he advises.

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Anthony Joseph is a self-made serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Primestay, and the Associate Director of Provident Estate. Anthony is also a TV presenter and real estate mover and shaker with more than $150 million dollars in real estate sales under his belt.

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