Frven Lim

Frven Lim Wellbeing+Happiness Thru Architecture+Design

Frven Lim is the best-selling author of Wellbeing+Happiness thru’ Architecture+Design: Crafting Joy and Warmheartedness thru’ Designed Spaces Research has proven that wellbeing and happiness gives us a powerful advantage. Being happy makes us our best. This book is intended to nudge you to look at your life and to understand how it is being shaped […]

Luciana Fistarol

Luciana Fistarol From Small Town To Big Dreams

Luciana Fistarol is a trailblazing entrepreneur, world traveler, and author. Her journey begins in a small Brazilian town, includes decades of work and adventure across 65 countries, and culminates in a truly borderless, ever-changing life.

Shobha Nihalani

Shobha Nihalani Self Esteem in a Selfie World

Shobha Nihalani asks ‘Did you know that your self-esteem is your inner GPS that challenges your fears?’ Whatever our world or culture, everyone at some point in time, has struggled with self-doubt. If you are looking to find that inner spark and face the world courageously and compassionately, then this book will motivate you.


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