From Small Town to Big Dreams

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Luciana Fistarol

Luciana Fistarol is a trailblazing entrepreneur, world traveler, and author.

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18 October 2023




“From Small Town to Big Dreams” is an inspiring memoir about Luciana, a go-getter from Apiuna, Brazil. She didn’t just quit her high-paying jobs to chase freedom; she excelled in each role, setting the stage for her life as a global digital nomad. With 50 practical life lessons, this must-read offers relatable stories and smart tips. Learn how Luciana managed to live her dream life without giving up on career success. Her journey is a motivating guide for anyone who wants the best of both worlds: professional growth and personal freedom. Get ready to be inspired!

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About Luciana

Luciana Fistarol is a trailblazing entrepreneur, world traveler, and author. Her journey begins in a small Brazilian town, includes decades of work and adventure across 65 countries, and culminates in a truly borderless, ever-changing life.

From schooling in Apiuna to learning English in Australia, from frying potatoes in America to managing factories in China, from working remote stints in Europe to hosting conferences in Asia, Luciana has done it all. Now, as a performance coach for businesses and teams and corporate speaker, Luciana empowers growth worldwide.

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Luciana Fistarol

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