Sam Amory

NFT in Me Sam Amory

Sam Amory is a Senior Executive at Dedalus and is enhancing the future of healthcare by enabling interoperability. With over 20 years of experience within the Health Care Sector, across the MEA region, the UK, US and Asia, Sam has extensive expertise in general management, business development, and interoperability management, Sam showcases his knowledge of […]

Nadine Chammas

Nadine Chammas The Stage is Yours

Nadine Chammas has provided in, “The Stage is Yours”, the tools that will help you bring out your true self and shine like a star on the stage of life.

Barbara Asimakopoulou

Philosophical Leadership Barbara Asimakopoulou

Barbara is an award-winning international Executive and Team Coach with a rich experience spanning over two decades. Visionary founder and CEO of Human Resources Expertise, synonymous with HR Consulting, Training, and Coaching excellence. She empowers forward-thinking leaders on a transformative journey, nurturing their inner and outer leadership qualities to shape them into champions of positive […]

Luciana Fistarol

Luciana Fistarol From Small Town To Big Dreams

Luciana Fistarol is a trailblazing entrepreneur, world traveler, and author. Her journey begins in a small Brazilian town, includes decades of work and adventure across 65 countries, and culminates in a truly borderless, ever-changing life.

Imowo Enang

Imowo Enang The Underdog Code

Position yourself to win today and tomorrow! Did you know that the same ‘disadvantages’ appearing as barriers to your progress could actually be the ‘unfair advantages’ that can position you for continued success? The Underdog Code by Imowo Enang is loaded with all the necessary blueprints to get you thinking, acting, and winning like the […]

Frven Lim

Frven Lim Wellbeing+Happiness Thru Architecture+Design

Frven Lim is the best-selling author of Wellbeing+Happiness thru’ Architecture+Design: Crafting Joy and Warmheartedness thru’ Designed Spaces Research has proven that wellbeing and happiness gives us a powerful advantage. Being happy makes us our best. This book is intended to nudge you to look at your life and to understand how it is being shaped […]

Maryna Kovaltchuk

Life Changing Thoughts Maryna Kovaltchuk

Founder and Life Coach for Eden Life Academy, Maryna Kovaltchuk made it her life purpose to help others embody their most confident selves. Through her studies in social work and psychology at Hong Kong University, she found a new appreciation for the art of human connection and began looking back through her own life experiences […]

Shobha Nihalani

Shobha Nihalani Self Esteem in a Selfie World

Shobha Nihalani asks ‘Did you know that your self-esteem is your inner GPS that challenges your fears?’ Whatever our world or culture, everyone at some point in time, has struggled with self-doubt. If you are looking to find that inner spark and face the world courageously and compassionately, then this book will motivate you.

Zed Ayesh

The Ratio of Success Zed Ayesh

Zed Ayesh, explains in the Ratio of Success, how the path to success becomes much easier if you know where you’re going, and with some discipline and consistency, tools to get you there.


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