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Dr. Navana Kundu

Navana Kundu, Msc.D., is an award-winning coach, consultant, and international speaker.

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20 July 2021




Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I control my emotions?” Your emotions have the power to attract wealth, success, and fulfillment into your life – and they have the power to repel them, too. Emotional mastery is a crucial life skill that will allow you to unlock the hidden messages of your emotions and harness their power to create the life you dream of.

In Emotional Mastery: Toolkit for Success, Navana Kundu shares the secrets and practical strategies of how to master your emotions and achieve fulfillment, no matter what life throws at you. Learn how to speed shift any emotion with the 7-Step Breakthrough Emotions Formula. Heal the root cause of your emotional wounds with the Healing Triad. Discover how to foster a flowing state of peak positive emotions through the Energy Diet.

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About Dr. Navana

Navana Kundu, Msc.D., is an award-winning coach, consultant, and international speaker.

She is a practitioner in 20 different therapy and coaching modalities, accelerating positive change and paradigm shifts in people’s lives. Navana spends much of her time in the Himalayas exploring more deeply the energetics of the human mind and the spiritual aspects of human life.

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Dr. Navana Kundu

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