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Roadmap to Becoming an International Author

Blog Roadmap to Becoming an International Author

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5 Step Practical Roadmap to write and publish your book in the coming 3-6 months, without even typing a word!

“There comes a point in your life where you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”

– Albert Einstein

A lot of people want to write a book to spread their message and build their legacy, but only a few start their journey, and even fewer reach the destination.

Most of them just procrastinate day after day simply because they feel lost & confused about the whole idea and the process of becoming an internationally published author.

In case you believe you have an inspiring story to tell but not sure how to do it, don’t worry, because you came to the right place.

So keep on reading!

Below is a simple roadmap that can help you become an international author in the coming 3-6 months, and if you are like me hate writing but love sharing knowledge then do not worry as I will show you through this article how to author a 200-page book without typing even a single word.

Or if you like a simpler version of it which is visually more appealing you can download our publishing guide.

The roadmap to becoming an international author involves the below-listed 5 simple steps:

#1 Reason: Why should you write a book?

No, it’s not about book sales

Here’s a quick reality check…

Most people do not make any significant money writing a book, and chances are you won’t be part of that 1% (at least not in the early years of your writing career). And that shouldn’t be the primary motivation for you.

However, the good news is there are a lot of other ways make an ROI on your book.

The first of them is for you to remember that “Author = Authority”. So if you are hoping to become the authority in your field, stand out against your competition and build your global personal brand.

At heart, writing a book is about sharing your story, spreading your message, and building your legacy.

It’s about being there for those who need your help, in the same way, you wish someone had helped when you needed it. It’s about paying it forward.

And if you are looking to launch a speaking, coaching, or consulting career, then writing a book is a must.

Some of the world’s top speakers and coaches like Tony Robbins have multiple books in their name and some like Brian Tracy has even published more than 50 books. That must tell you how crucial it is for a successful speaker & coach to be an international author.

Another valuable reason for publishing your book is that it will help you attract clients you like so you can scale your business and attract clients you like.

Find out what’s holding you back and how to overcome procrastinating your dream of becoming an international author.

By now, you hopefully know the big WHY behind your book, 
but for some reason, procrastination got the best of you and your journey never went beyond being just a daydream!

This is something that happens to the best of us, but then, procrastination is an evil that can be beaten using these two steps.

First, know the main reasons most people never finish writing their books:

  1. Overloaded and don’t have time
  2. Don’t have the money now
  3. Confused about the writing & publishing process
  4. Not sure if it is the right content
  5. Will do it tomorrow!

And all of these are called EXCUSES!

And each of them has a simple solution…

Overloaded and don’t have timeFOCUS! Everyone has 24 hours
Don’t have the money nowSuccessful entrepreneurs think
“How can I get a Return On Investment?”
Confused about the writing & publishing processDon’t worry, that’s our job! Just schedule a free consulting call and we will help
Not sure if it is the right contentSeriously! Time to believe in yourself.
All you need is about 5 hours of content, keep reading to find out how
Will do it tomorrow!How long have you been saying tomorrow! It’s now or never

Hopefully, by now, you realized all the excuses that are holding you back from achieving your dream of becoming an international author, but what do you have to write about?

Think about these 3 things before you get on writing.

If you do not do so, you will hit a dead-end halfway through your writing project.

  1. The primary goal of writing your book, which we had already tackled
  2. The topic of your book: the best topic for your book is an intersection between:
    • What you are passionate about, what you love to learn & teach
    • What you are good at, more skilled at than the average person
    • What has the market & a good number of people needing help in
  3. Book concept sheet: this is a simple one-page about your book covering things like summary, marketability, readership, key messages, etc…

You can download these worksheets along with the publishing guide.

Once you have a clear idea about these things, you can move on to the next step in your writing journey.

So you’re now ready with the topic, idea, and are all set to write your book and finally make your dream of becoming an international author come true.

It doesn’t matter how committed you are to write the book, if you don’t plan well, the whole project could fall apart. Finishing a book is like any other project it’s all about planning.

So follow these 4 steps help you finish your book in the shortest time possible:

  1. Answer the questions defined in the previous steps
  2. Outline: decide the list of chapters you want to cover, and then work on a sub-outline per chapter that specifies the following:
    • What is in it for the reader; the benefits of going through the chapters
    • Golden nuggets or quotes
    • Takeaways from the chapters
    • Action steps to take or questions to answer
  1. Plan: commit to when you will finish the book’s content and then plan on when you will write the book – either during the weekend or a few planned sessions over the course of a few days. Once you’re done with the planning, put in those dates on your calendar, NOW!
  2. Focus during that allocated time and finish your book.

All you have to do is just follow through and in a few weeks, you will have your manuscript ready.

But if you hate the typing part, like most of our authors who wrote the bestselling books we published for them, and wondering if there could be another way that completely takes out the pain of hitting the buttons on the keyboard, and just take the words right out of your mouth into a book… guess what?

It is possible using our “Your voice, your words” system which will simply help you produce a 150-200 page book of about 30,000-40,000 words only in an average of JUST 5 HOURS.

Still, sounds like a lot for work? Then why don’t you try to co-author a book with passionate fellow authors? It just involves a fraction of work and a fraction of the investment, but still comes with all the perks.

Now that you have a ready manuscript, it’s all about how to get it into the market and that’s where book publishing services come into the picture. What are your publishing options?

There are three types of publishers:

Traditional publishers, self-publishers, and independent publishers.

Traditional publishing

On the positive side, traditional publishing gives you little money up-front, some prestige, and bookstore distribution support

Who is it for? It works best for established celebrities with a big following, and full-time writers who write for a living BUT the trade-offs are:

It’s VERY SLOW – it takes around 6 months to even hear back from a traditional publisher and the answer is usually NO!

A good publishing deal is VERY hard to get. You will usually need a literary agent who takes a cut, and even IF you get a yes, you most likely will lose control over your content. Traditional publishers basically tell you what to and what not to write, and you only get a fraction of the royalties. This means that on an average, you end up with only about 5% of your book’s sale price.

CRAZY! That model is BROKEN!


Shifts the power of publishing into the author’s hands. You own 100% of your copyright and decision making

It’s great if you like a lot of DIY time-consuming work, assuming you are still at the beginning of your career, so your time has very low value in exchange for saving a little bit of money!

On the downside

You will waste a lot of time in trial & error to find and recruit the right team members, only to find out they do part of the job and leave you hanging halfway through And when you eventually make it, your book will have NO credible publisher’s name associated to it, which shows that you simply self- published.


Independent Publishing

(also known as Indie or hybrid publishing) which offers you the best of both worlds. The credibility & exposure of traditional publishing mixed with the freedom & cost efficiency self-publishing. With an added bonus of Turn-Key packages.

What if I still want to go to traditional publishers?

We’re non-exclusive

(so yes, you can date someone else too!)

Publishers want books they know will sell. When you have a proof of concept, you can approach traditional publishers with more confidence and you can also negotiate much better deals since your book is already on the shelves.

Publishing with us is a STEPPING STONE TOWARDS MAJOR PUBLISHERS (on your own terms)

This means that you can publish with us and still be able to offer your work to other publishers and agents.

The steps above are exactly what Chris Farioli, author of The Pizza Guide to Digital Marketing, did to become an international author in 3 months. Although he had a manuscript written a while back, he was procrastinating moving it to the next step.

Once he went through the publishing guide and followed the process, his book became his business card and he became the authority in his field.

Now let me be clear, as easy as we make it sound. There is a key condition for success here which requires you to be more than just interested. You need to be truly committed to this dream to turn it into reality.

So if you believe it’s time to become an international author Click here to see if you qualify for a free coaching call to help you brainstorm your book topic or to answer any further questions you have.

Or if you want to do it yourself, we are still happy to help. So start by reading more about the key reasons to write & publish a book.

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Moustafa Hamwi
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