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How to Beat Procrastination and Achieve Your Dream of Becoming an International Author

Blog How To Beat Procrastination and Achieve Your Dream of Becoming an International Author

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Understand what is holding you back and overcome it.

“Procrastination is the thief of time”

– Charles Dickens

Been thinking of writing a book or started one but never got to finish? You are not the only one. Procrastination is a dream-killer that is guilty of the highest number of regrets you will ever have in your life!

Hopefully, we will not allow that to happen to you. All you need to do is follow our 2-step approach:

  1. Find out the key reasons that have been holding you back from achieving your dream of becoming an international author.
  2. And more importantly, learn about the antidote to overcome them

Let’s start with understanding the key reasons that have been holding you back from becoming an international author…

As of the date of this article, we have worked with over 50 aspiring authors to help them become international authors, which means we would have been in touch with over 500 potential authors to interview and qualify them to see if they would be fit for our publishing programs.

In the process, we have realized that a majority of the people that do not even start their journey, or start but never finish have very similar stories of why they couldn’t get through the whole journey.

When we analyzed them further, we noticed patterns that enabled us to group the top 5 reasons why people never finish their books:

  1. Do not have time: this seems to be the #1 reason everyone is putting off their dream of writing and publishing a book. They are way overloaded with work or family responsibilities and hardly even have time for themselves.
  2. Do not have the money: you might really want to write and publish your book but don’t know how to come up with the money required to make it happen.
  3. Confused about the writing and publishing process: this is a reason which a lot of people that come to us share.
  4. Not sure if you have the right content: you might not be convinced about you having the right content or the right topic for your project, or may not even be sure about the book idea.
  5. Will do it tomorrow.

Does any of the above sound familiar to you? Bet you will even feel more than one of these reasons applies to you.

And you know what?

All of them are valid EXCUSES!

You heard me right!

You can’t say that they’re not valid, but they are and will remain to be excused.

So if you are serious about becoming an international author, below is a list of our bulletproof antidotes to help you overcome procrastination and achieve your dream of publishing your book.

1. Time

If you are saying you are overloaded and do not have time, the antidote is to simply focus and understand that everybody has 24 hours and only 24 hours. Whether you are a president, an employee, a sports personality, or own a business, 24 hours is what everybody has.

This includes all the authors that we have worked with, and they manage to write and publish their books — married or single, having kids or not, it doesn’t really matter.

We have authors with three and more kids who are doing a day job and building their business in the afternoons but they still manage to find time to write. We also have people that are single that never continued or never started their journey.

One of the ways we help our authors is through our Guided Author program where we coach them to structure their thoughts and then spend only 20 minutes to record each chapter, which is going to add up to a maximum of three to four hours of content recording to give you up to a 200-page book.

If you are unable to carve those hours into your schedule, then how do you ever dream of achieving something?

2. Money

If the story you tell yourself is that you do not have the money right now, we will tell you one thing.

Successful entrepreneurs think, “how can I get a return on investment?”

They do not think of it as an expense because if you do, it means that it’s money you spent, which is never going to come back.

While you think about it as an investment, the question we think you want to answer is “how can I get a return on my investment?” and that becomes a business decision.

If I told you today you that can buy a house for a small down payment and an instalment plan, and that this house’s worth is going to double, triple, quadruple in a year, would you be willing to use your credit card, or find some other way to buy the house,  or would you rather get the same loan or use the same credit card to buy something that depreciates, like a car, piece of fashion or a piece of jewellery?

If you are buying something as an investment, you will only grow your investment.

But if you buy things that depreciate, you will end up being more broke than when you started.

There is no better example of this than Mohanad Alwadiya, the author of Landlording. His book became the #1 book in real estate investments and sold more than 10,000 copies (worth more than 300,000 USD). The book generated leads for him, which converted into real estate deals worth millions of dollars. 

Successful entrepreneurs think about ROI, not Expenses.

3. Confused about the writing and publishing process

Guess what?

You do not have to worry about it.

The writing and publishing process is exactly our job.

Not yours.

We handhold you through the whole process, from coming up with an idea to the structuring of the book’s chapters, and all the way to producing content.

And if you are like me and do not like writing, then you will love our unique ‘Your Voice, Your Words’ methodology where you record and we do the typing. You can read more here about how to plan your book project and how to produce a 200-page book without typing even a single word.

4. Content

Not sure if you have the right content? Our answer to that is: seriously! it’s time to believe in yourself!

How many years have you been a professional? 10 years? 5 years? Do you believe you can share 1 or 2 lessons you learned each year of your professional life? Can you talk about each of those for just 20 minutes? That’s all you would need to produce a 200-page book, which is how we help our authors become an international author through the Guided Author coaching program.

How old do you want to be when you are confident enough you have the right content to share? Wait until you are in your 80s or 90s? Are you sure you are going to be on this planet at that time?

Remember it’s not about how much knowledge you have, it’s about how much passion you have!

Still, you might feel that you are not ready to take on a full book project, but did you even think about co-authoring with other successful leaders?

We recently launched one of the world’s best-known anthology books (an anthology book is a collection of works by a variety of authors, which is organized around a particular theme). The project is called PASSIONATE EXPERTS…where The World’s Most Passionate Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal The Secrets Behind Success In The New World of Business, Health, Wealth & Lifestyle.

You can apply here to see if you qualify to be featured in the book.

5. Last but not the least, the most common excuse is “Tomorrow”

The biggest excuse we have is, ‘we will do it tomorrow’.

Now, let me ask, how long have you been saying tomorrow?

How many dreams are going to die while you’re still saying tomorrow.

My friend, it’s now or never, tomorrow never comes. 

That dream is never going to happen if you don’t take action, NOW! Out of the hundreds of people that we interviewed, anybody who said ‘we will get back to you’ never ever finished their book.

Those who took action immediately made their booking. Started their journey with us, and finished it, even if it took them longer.

The most inspiring example we can give you of someone who used this “no-excuses” mentality to achieve her dream of becoming an international author is Pegah Gol. She came to us with a dream of writing & publishing her book and she had more challenges than most of the people I know to start with.

She did not even have a job to pay for the book-writing journey, but she still signed up with us and said, “Give me some time. I’m going to arrange the money.”

She went ahead and got herself a job just to pay for the book journey.

After she started, she was hit by the circumstances of the unfortunate death of her beloved mother due to natural causes. She got delayed, but she didn’t give up. She still found time in her schedule despite all the hurdles. She was a bit behind the publishing schedule, but she kept writing.

She wasn’t sure about the money, she got the job.

She was confused about the writing and publishing process, she used our help and let us hand hold her throughout the whole process.

And she wasn’t sure about her content but guess what?

She ended up writing a book about how to find your dream job, The Formula. The book became Amazon number one bestseller list within 24 hours from its launch.

After that, she quit her job, launched her own business where she helps people write the best CVs, and hunt for their dream job.

Pegah did not say tomorrow, she just started and took the first step. And the first step for you would be to download the publishing guide. That’s going to show you a five-step approach to become an international author in the coming three to six months.

Of course, no amount of antidotes that we will give you is gonna make you overcome all of those excuses unless you are genuinely committed, not just interested.

If you are interested, go to the movies, because the movies are where you sit and watch life go by.

I hope this article has inspired you enough to get over your excuses and take action on becoming an international author. Meanwhile, if you are already excited and thinking about your book but still confused as to what you should write about, then check out our next article about three things to think about before you start your writing journey.

Follow the Road to Achieve the dream of becoming an International Author.

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Moustafa Hamwi
Moustafa Hamwi
Moustafa is an award winning author, speaker & coach; and is recognized as the world’s leading expert on Passionate Leadership. He has achieved in one year what took others 20 years to achieve in this industry to an extent he got nicknamed globally as The Passionpreneur.

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