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Stephen M. R. Covey – Thoughts on Becoming an Author

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How important is it for an executive to become an author?

Well, I think it’s critically important, because it’s a way of, of codifying your ideas and getting them out there and putting them down in writing and. And while you can do it without the book. The book accelerates everything you make it brings more legitimacy to it, and also brings a higher level of credibility to it, and I learned this with my father when he first did his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, before the book came out, he was teaching, Seven Habits courses, really all around the world in different places, and, and that was, that was great he was known as a great speaker and thought leader on that. But once, once he put that into a book and published the book. That’s when everything changed, because it just elevates and accelerates your influence your credibility.

Your gravitas, it all goes up with the publication of a book so a book is, is important, as a way of kind of codifying your ideas and you know if the whole idea of a thought leader is that you’ve got ideas, thoughts that are useful in a book is a great expression on that.

What if I’m not good at writing?

Maybe get some writing help. And, and, because the most important thing for a book is the ideas. And, and, and sometimes getting writing help is useful, and, and it can be very valuable and I know when I published my book, The Speed of Trust, and it was difficult for me as well to get that done. And so I engaged with someone that had helped my father, and to help me just kind of get my ideas out I still, I still wrote every word. When it was all said and done, and went through everything, get the ideas down, and get them down in a way that I can work with them. And, and so it’s not necessarily my greatest strength either. But having ideas I felt really strong about getting them down on paper is another matter. So, perhaps getting help getting writing help to get me out can be helpful for some. And I think for others, it’s a matter of.

Another thing I learned in writing, both the,  Speed of Trust and smart trust another book I wrote, is that it’s very easy to kind of stay in the idea phase, and, and do a lot of research and that’s more fun and enjoyable.

I’m not sure how good my content is

Just start writing. And even if you don’t like it and don’t feel good about it. The very act of starting to write is a great process because of how that accelerates everything. And one of the key learnings I had is spend less time on the research and more time just getting into the writing. And once you do it, it becomes easier. And then it becomes easier as you as you continue, but it’s always hard to take that first step to go from the research to the writing and and those person taps are difficult and challenging and sometimes even clumsy, but the very act of doing that will accelerate the writing process, that at least that’s true for me, but I’ve also learned that for everyone is different. And for some, it might be that this isn’t a challenge at all for others or might be a huge challenge.

But I do believe, to your very first question that there’s a great power of getting your ideas down in a book form. And yet still very much used and very powerful and I know that my world changed. When I actually wrote, The Speed of Trust, and had a book to be able to say, you know, here’s my ideas and I can speak about them too. But they’re codified in this book. And that was really helpful so there’s an expression that goes.

When someone asked me the question, Stephen, Do you like writing. And my response is, I like having written. And so I don’t necessarily like the writing process itself, but I sure love having written and when it’s done and I have something that can be proud of. I say yes I love having written, I don’t necessarily always love writing, but I love having written. And that’s where this kind of you pay the price get through that, that hurdle that for most people, perhaps they have. And then, the path is what comes next.

It’s exciting to see what you’re doing, Moustafa, and to see the various different authors that you’ve brought in, the books that you published, and the implant, they influence that Passionpreneur Publishing is having on the world. That’s exciting.

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