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Jack Canfield – How Writing a Book Brings You Credibility and Money

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Transcript: How Writing a Book Brings You Credibility and Money

I think it’s really important that somehow if you haven’t written the book, nobody thinks you know anything. And so I think that it establishes your credibility, it allows it, I think a book is also a brochure that you have, it’s out there in the world that other people pay for.

I mean, I wrote a book called, The Power of Focus, and someone found in a bookstore, looking for a speaker for their training. And they bought that book. And they looked at it, they said, my team needs more focus, they hire me, it was $30,000 U. S money to go to a seminar and teach these people about the power of focus.

And so I think, as a leader, it’s important that first of all, you read. And I think it’s also important that you take what you read, and you write about it so that other people consider you to be an expert. People give a lot of homage to experts. And so I think it’s critical. And other thing is if you’re a speaker, as a thought leader, you can sell your book in the back of the room, you can increase your sales as you know your income.

Most when I do talks I will often sell I mean, I’ve sold $65,000 worth of books in the back of the room, when I did a training for 35,000 people once. It was amazing to me. So it was twice what my fee was for that day.

And so I think there’s just a lot of benefits you one should definitely do it and I know you have a program to help people do it. So they should take advantage of that.

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