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Jack Canfield – The Three Benefits of Writing a Book

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I would say, first of all, what’s the… what’s the benefit of writing a book? There are three possible benefits of writing a book.

Reason 1: Your Credibility as an Author

Number one, you now have credibility as an author, about whatever you’ve written about. So, I have a dentist who wrote a book called, How To Have A Million Dollar Smile. Now, there’s a lot of dentists that can do orthodontic work and give you a million dollar smile. But he wrote the book. So he can say, look, I wrote the book about it. And so it gives him a credibility, because he’s an author about that topic, more so than if he was a dentist who hadn’t written that book. So having a book gives you credibility in your field. Even if no one ever buys the book, you can just give the book away as a business card. Because what people are buying, as much as they’re buying content, they’re buying you. There’s a lot of content available out there on YouTube and the internet and so forth. But why are they going to spend time with you rather than someone else? It’s because they trust you. And you’ve built a relationship with them. And that’s really, really important in today’s world.

Reason 2: Making an Impact

The second reason for having a book written is to make a difference, you’re actually want to have an impact. Like when Pooja wrote that book about the golden cage, how to get out of the cage for women who think they’re free, but in a sense, they have a certain level of, of cultural restrictions that are limiting them, husband and family restrictions that are limiting them. And while it looks like its golden is still kind of a cage. And when she wrote that book, a lot of people read that book and said, hey, that describes me, I want to go for more freedom in my life. So she had an impact. My Chicken Soup for the Soul books have an impact. Breakthrough, the success or the success principles has an impact. So if you want to make a difference, that’s another reason to write a book.

Reason 3: Making Money While Building a Brand

The third reason would be to make money, you get paid, either you’re selling it in the back of the room, if you’re a speaker, now you’ve increased your fee that day, when you went out and spoke, you also sold books to everyone. So, to help them remember what is it that they learned. You can sell it on the internet yourself on your own website. Or you can have the book be a Kindle book, an ebook of some kind that sells at Amazon.com or any other online bookstore. So that is reaching people that you could never reach with your message, but you’re also getting paid a commission or royalty for that book. So it’s an income generator. Now there’s a lot of books published and income is challenging, given how many books are published, the American bestseller, then you can actually have a huge income as a result, I mean, literally millions and millions 10s of millions of dollars as a result of having books. Now it didn’t happen overnight. Had to build the brand as we talked about earlier.

But it’s definitely worth it, changed my life and will change yours as well.

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