F*ck The Slides

Nir Zavaro

Nir Zavaro

Nir Zavaro is a thought leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker

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Date Published

3 November 2023




This isn’t just a soft-skill; it’s a must-skill.
How do you make sure you never make another boring presentation? If you ever wanted to get that deal, that sale, that message across, this book is for you.
F*ck the Slides will teach you the step-by-step method that founders, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and students all over the world have been using to create an impeccable pitch.
You will learn how to create, measure, and share an infinitely better story. This practical book will help you craft the art of pitching through storytelling.
Mastering this skill will transform everything you do—forever.

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About Nir

Nir Zavaro is a thought leader, entrepreneur, author, and speaker

Nir’s work is focused on helping brands implement storytelling techniques into their businesses. With three books published and a global reach spanning 30 countries, he collaborates with founders and CEOs worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, brand management, and a decade of teaching, Nir advises major brands and serves on startup advisory boards. He’s a serial entrepreneur, venturing into F&B, SaaS, and founding Streetwise, his marketing agency. On a constant world tour, Nir Zavaro is dedicated to empowering individuals as storytellers.

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Nir Zavaro

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