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Ida Banek

Ida is a business leader with progressive experience in various roles, industries, and geographies.

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Greater longevity and ongoing technological advancements will build a world where lives are governed by algorithms, and careers are turned into ultra-marathons. Increased insights into human behaviour will help us all to become better entrepreneurs, partners, team members, and leaders. In this book, Ida talks about the future of work where a new generation of professionals will not share a similar age group, but the mind-set and skills to collaborate with both human and artificial workforce.

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About Ida

Ida is a business leader with progressive experience in various roles, industries, and geographies.

Driven by her background in psychology and behavioural science, throughout her career, she focused on delivering efficient, solution-oriented human capital support to dynamic and fast-moving businesses. Passionate about the advanced technologies and their impact on the future of work, Ida seeks opportunities to enable the incoming workforce to thrive in their careers and to help businesses grow sustainably, deliver results consistently, and build global teams successfully.

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Ida Banek

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