From Paper Napkin to Paperback in 90 Days: A 5-step Roadmap

Books – they transport you into a different world altogether. Authors have the capability to hold you by the collar as their words weave twists after twists, whether in a non-fictional setup or a fictional one. However, even though many of us like to read, how many of us think of becoming authors in order to establish our authority in the subject matter we are expert in?

Well, that got you thinking, didn’t it? Let us chart out a five-step roadmap for you, for those great thoughts should not be just limited to paper napkins, they are worth being on a paperback.

Step 1 – Get Booked

The first step is to make up your mind to get hooked to this world of getting booked. Time is spinning on its axis, faster than ever. The definition of author is also changing. Today, getting a book published is not just a road to becoming a literary success, but also a way of announcing your arrival in the industry, amidst a hoard of competitors. A good book coupled with the right marketing strategy helps one attract the right clientele and scale the business.

Step 2 – Procrastinate, NOT

Once you have decided to start writing a book, the most important aspect is to finish it. Most of the authors get taught in the tedious tide of tomorrow, and leave their work incomplete. The key is to not get trapped there. Start believing in yourself and sharpen your senses to churn out the best focusing strategy that you have. Can’t do it alone? Fret not. Click here (hyperlink) and get in touch with some of the best Author Assistants who will make sure that you don’t caught in the endless perspiration of procrastination.

Step 3 – Plotting the Plot

Get your game plan on fleek before you delve into the pages. A good plan of action can literally cut your writing stress by half and prevent you from hitting a dead-end in the middle of it all. The first step is to find out the sweet spot of subject that you will be writing about. It is an intersection of three things:

  1. What are you passionate about
  2. What are you good at
  3. What has market

Bingo! You have the sweet spot ready. Post that, create a concept sheet like you’d do for any other project. A planned writing works like a charm for the writer.

Step 4 – Create your Creation

It’s the 21st century. There is absolutely no need to fret and sweat over writing if you are a better orator. In fact, did you know that nearly 5 to 6 hours of recording can give you around 40,000 to 50,000 words? Prefer productivity over proclivity and watch your ideas turn into a reality. If you need assistance, you can click here to schedule a call with our consultants who will expertly guide you through process and procrastinations.

If you are serious in establishing yourself as an ultimate authority in the industry by knocking a book off shelves, there is one step that can push you towards it – our Guided Author Program, through which you can become an international author in just six months!

Step 5 – Push to Publish

You have completed your book, that’s great and a commendable achievement. However, the most strenuous step comes now – publishing. The step is hard not because of the difficulty in finding publishers, but in the quest to find the right one in today’s times of multiple choices. While many still go for the traditional publishing model, there is no denying that with its slow turnaround time and low returns on sale, the model is broken. The other alternative which is exciting and gives you more control is that of self-publishing, which gives you access to the speediest process of transcribe to print.

Passionpreneur is one such self-publishing platform, efficient yet different from the rest. In business, they say it doesn’t matter what you know, but who you know, and that is what we believe in. We have connections that help you not only in creating content, but also in publicising it. From book coaches, publishers, to social media experts, and personal branding experts, we have an unparalleled reach. We not only give the author 100% control over the book, but also simplify the whole process of publishing by offering customised packages that ensure that your book sees the light of the day in just 90 days! What’s more? You can still get in touch with traditional publishers, while you are publishing with us.

Entrepreneur is passé. Be a passionpreneur and take the world of words by storm.

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