How to Become a Published Author

5 step roadmap from paper-napkin to paperback: how to publish a book in 90 days

You’re a go-getting, results-driven entrepreneur and expert in your field with a message to share with the world. You’ve been considering the idea of writing a book, but the route to becoming a published author seems time-consuming and unclear. You want to publish a book filled with passion and purpose, but you’re seeking a simple publishing guide to help you meet your goal quickly and purposefully.

Sound familiar? We’ve developed a simple five step publishing guide which demystifies how to become a published author in 90 days, taking you from paper-napkin to paperback with purpose and pride.

In a series of blog posts over the coming weeks, we will explore each of these steps in detail, illuminating a clear path to becoming a published author.

Step 1: Acknowledge the #1 Reason to Publish a Book

First you need to ask yourself: why should you write a book? No, it’s not about book sales.

Quick reality check: most people don’t make any significant money from book sales. But there are many ways to monetize a self-published book and deliver return on investment.

Books get you attention. And attention gets you business.

Let’s break that down. By becoming a published author, you will:

  • Gain credibility
  • Stand out in your industry
  • Build your personal brand
  • Educate your clients – and attract new ones

Step 2: Beat Procrastination

So you can recognise why it’s valuable to become a published author. What’s holding you back and how can you overcome it?

Frequently cited reasons for not writing or publishing a book include lack of time/money/resources, and lack of clarity about how to become a published author.

We at Passionpreneur Publishing are here to provide solutions to these hurdles: You can:

  • Focus. Identify a clear path to becoming a published author, enabling you to manage your time over a fixed period.
  • Measure return on investment. When you can foresee results, your entrepreneurial nature can justify the endeavour.
  • Set aside confusion about the publishing process. That’s our job, and we’ll guide you to your goal.

Step 3: Think About These Things Before You Start Writing

This process will prevent your project from hitting a dead end halfway through, and ensure you achieve your goal of becoming a published author.

In order to ensure publishing success, you must consider:

  • Goals. What do you hope to achieve by publishing the book? Prioritize the top two reasons most important to you.
  • The sweet spot of your book’s topic. What are you passionate about? What are you good at? What do people want and need that they’re prepared to pay for? Your successful book lies at the point where these three questions intersect.
  • A book concept sheet. A clear book plan is essential. It will ensure the content remains focused and in line with your goals throughout the writing and publishing process.

Step 4: Learn How To Finish Writing Your Book Without Writing or Typing A Word

Finishing a book is like any other project: it’s all in the planning.

Once you’ve followed steps 1 – 3 of this roadmap, focus on delivery.

  • Outline. break the book plan down into chapters. Create a sub-outline for each chapter. You’re now over halfway there!
  • Plan. Commit to when you will finish the book content. Diarize it. Do it.
  • Dictate. Did you know that 5-6 hours of recording gives you 40,000-50,000 words? That’s a 150-200 page book.

Step 5: Complete the Process and Become a Published Author

You’ve now got two options: traditional book publishing, or self-publishing.

  • Traditional publishing. The good? Some money up front. Prestige. Bookstore distribution support. The bad? Slow. Usually requires a literary agent. And the ugly? You lose control over book content. And you only get a fraction of the royalties.
  • Self-publishing. The good? Get your book done fast. The great? Get it done your way. And best of all? You own 100% of your copyrights.

Becoming A Published Author: What Next?

And with Passionpreneur Publishing you can go from idea to becoming a published author in 90 days.

More information? If this simple 5 step guide to publishing a book has inspired you to put your passion onto paper, claim your in-depth free publishing guide.

Ready to publish? Serious about getting your message out? Schedule a complimentary consulting call to discuss how Passionpreneur Publishing can support your goal of becoming a published author in as little as 90 days – with passion, purpose, and pride.

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