The roadmap to becoming a published author within 3-6 months

Five steps from paper-napkin to paperback: how to publish a book in 90 days

You’re a go-getting, results-driven entrepreneur with a message to share with the world.

You’ve considered writing a book, but the route to publishing seems time-consuming and unclear.

You want to publish a book filled with passion and purpose, but you’re seeking a simple publishing guide to help meet your goal quickly.

Sound familiar? We’ve developed a simple five-step publishing guide which demystifies how to become a published author, taking you from paper-napkin to paperback in as little as 90 days.

In a series of blog posts over the coming weeks, we’ll explore each of the following steps in detail, giving you greater clarity on the roadmap to becoming an international published author.

Let’s begin with an overview of the five main steps to publishing your book.

Step 1: What’s the #1 Reason to Publish a Book?

No, it’s not about book sales.

Quick reality check: most people don’t make any significant money from book sales. But there are many ways to monetise a self-published book and deliver return on investment.

So if sales isn’t the reason to publish, what is?

Books get you attention. And attention gets you business.

Let’s break that down. By becoming a published author, you will:

  • Become established as an authority / build your personal brand
  • Attract clients you like
  • Share your story and build a legacy
  • Launch a career in speaking, coaching, and consulting

So you can see why it’s valuable to become a published author. What’s holding you back?

Step 2: How Can You Beat Procrastination?

You dream of writing a book but you don’t have the time, money, or resources… ring any bells?

Here are some tips to overcome delays:

  • Focus. Everyone has 24 hours in day; manage your time wisely. Identify a clear path to becoming a published author. This will enable you to manage your time over a fixed period.
  • Think ROI, not expense. Expenses are wasted money; investments grow. Successful people think of investment and how to gain returns on investment
  • Believe. If you don’t believe in yourself today, you’ll never do it tomorrow. Ditch the self-doubt and create a new positive mindset.
  • Not sure about the publishing process? How to publish a book? That’s our job.

Step 3: Think About These Things Before You Start Writing

A little advance planning will prevent your project from hitting a dead end halfway through.

The top three things to consider when becoming a published author are:

  • What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve by publishing the book? Prioritise the top two reasons most important to you.
  • What is the sweet spot of your book’s topic? Think about the following:
    • What are you passionate about?
    • What are you good at?
    • What do people want and need that they’re prepared to pay for?
    • Your successful book lies at the point where these three questions intersect.
  • Prepare a book concept sheet. A clear book plan is essential. This will ensure the content remains focused and in line with your goals. (You can download the Passionpreneur Publishing book concept sheet here.)

Finishing a book is like any other project: it’s all in the planning.

Step 4: Learn How To Finish Writing Your Book Without Writing or Typing A Word

At this point, you can now create your book with these three simple steps:

  • Outline. Break the book plan down into chapters. Create a sub-outline for each chapter. You’re now over halfway there!
  • Plan. Commit to when you’ll finish the book content. Diarise it. Do it.
  • Dictate. Did you know that four to five hours of recording gives you 40,000 words? That’s a 200 page book. Consider recording and transcribing if this appeals to you.

Drum roll please: now it’s time to complete the process and become a published author.

Step 5: The Finished Article: Publishing Your Book

You’ve now got two options: traditional book publishing, or self-publishing.

  • Traditional publishing. The good? Some money up front. Prestige. Bookstore distribution support. The bad? Slow. Usually requires a literary agent. And the ugly? You lose control over book content. And you only get a fraction of the royalties.
  • Self-publishing. The good? Get your book done fast. The great? Get it done your way. And best of all? You own 100% of your copyrights.

I’m Ready to Become A Published Author: What Next?

If self-publishing appeals, you can go transform your idea into a published book in just three to six months.

Are you ready to publish? If you’re serious about getting your message out, schedule a complimentary consulting call with Passionpreneur Publishing. We’ll discuss how we can help you become a published author in the coming three to six months.

You have a message to share; the world is waiting for your book.

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