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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Passionpreneur Publishing was the proud publishing partner for Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s webinar where he gave his top tips to cope with the pandemic and a changing business landscape. When asked about his top tips to create a bestselling book he gave amazingly insightful answers, including: not getting lost in the content, getting professional help in writing the book, and having a book marketing strategy.

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Foreword Written for Gautam Ganglani

“As you read this book by my dear friend and business partner, Gautam, you will be startled out of your old conditioning by a whole new set of possibilities to build meaningful friendships.”
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Interview with Dr. Corrie Block

As part of Dr. Goldsmith’s interactive virtual masterclass, Dr. Corrie Block had an enticing and insightful chat about The Future of Effective Leadership.
Endorsement Portrait Saahil Mehta Passionpreneur Publishing

Interview with Saahil Mehta

Dr. Goldsmith has been a personal inspiration for Saahil ever since he became an author and coach. Saahil had exclusive one-on-one time with him in this fireside chat.
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Testimonial for Moustafa Hamwi

“Moustafa is one of the great 100 leaders and coaches of the future.”
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Foreword written for Abdulaziz Al-Roomi

“Prevail is a fresh take on how to overcome challenges while being true to yourself and others. Read it and follow his advice!”

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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is an American executive leadership coach and bestselling author. Through simple and practical advice, he helps people achieve and sustain positive behavioral change. He is recognized as world’s top ranked executive coach and #1 leadership thinker. He has authored or edited 42 bestselling books and is the only two-time Thinkers 50 Leadership Thinker in the world.

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