Taking it to the Next Level

video cover success story dr omar fisher passionpreneur publishing

Dr. Omar Fisher is well-established in his career as a coach, and inventor. With a special interest in financial mastery, Dr Omar has studied under personal growth masters for three decades. This led him to a role with an investment bank in Bahrain in 2005 when he distinctly remembers looking around him and asking, “Who […]

Simplifying the Road to Published Excellence

video cover bassem terkawi success story passionpreneur publishing

Bassem Terkawi is an executive and leadership coach, and an established entrepreneur whose formative years were spent in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Having grown up looking conflict in the face, in so many of its different forms, his life’s focus began to develop early. Bassem Terkawi’s passion to bring peace to his […]

Coaching Towards Clarity

Success Story Christian Farioli Coaching Towards Clarity Passionpreneur Publishing

These days, it’s an extremely rare business that succeeds without digital marketing. It can truly be the make or break of an enterprise. When you are looking for digital marketing expertise, they don’t come more reputable or experienced than Professor Christian Farioli. The Italian-born marketer first burst onto the digital marketing scene when social media […]

Flipping the Situation

Success Story Sadaf Tauqir Flipping the Situation Passionpreneur Publishing

If you are living in a collectivist society, then people skills matter. That’s just how it is. But expertise to navigate a diverse world of egos, attitudes, cultures and personalities doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it can be quite scary. How then do you master the art of interpersonal skills and give yourself and […]

Making Sophistication Simple

Success Story Siama Qadar Making Sophistication Simple Passionpreneur Publishing

When you first meet Dr. Siama Qadar, you are instantly struck by her elegant presence and her eye for detail. What is less obvious is the impressive clout behind the woman. She is the CEO of two organisations, a sought-after blogger and public speaker, and has been awarded her Doctorate along with many other acknowledgements. […]

From One Woman to the World

Success Story Geeta Ramakrishnan One Woman to the World Passionpreneur Publishing

Human behavior has always been a point of fascination for Geeta Ramakrishnan. Starting her career working in human resources, she became keenly aware of the multiple pressures modern adults, and especially women, take on. With life wisdom behind her, and expert coaching in the discipline, she became an ontological life coach and began to empower […]

Solving the Speed-to-Market Debacle

video cover mohanad alwadiya success story passionpreneur publishing

Mohanad Alwadiya, the man dubbed The Wolf of Real Estate, is at the helm of a multi-billion-dollar real estate and asset management firm. He is also a content producer and presenter for some of the highest-rated TV shows in the Middle East, as well as being a sought-after commentator whose insight into the Dubai property […]

Dr. Corrie Turns His Book Spartan CEO Into a Bestselling Masterclass

Success Story Dr Corrie Block Book Into Masterclass v2

Dr. Corrie Block has been coaching executives on how to lead to a better competitive advantage through mental, physical, and organizational fitness for years. But it was not until a few of the CEOs he was coaching suggested he must put his methodology into a book that he had his lightbulb moment. He had all […]


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