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The End of the Writing: The Beginning of the Journey

How Sarah Tabet’s Book Launched her as a Thought-Leader

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Sarah Tabet is a HR professional, diversity advocate and the author of “Inclusion Starts with U.” But the journey to becoming an author was not without its challenges for Sarah. That is until she connected with Passionpreneur.

“Having 15 years of experience in the HR world, working with diverse people and religions, couple with my own personal transformation journey and identification of my true self, I felt absolutely ready to share my story with the world,” says Sarah.

“That story is about how inclusive behavior has helped me in my own personal transformation and what I have learned in the corporate world and the DNI space that could help others. Knowing that, I also knew I had zero experience in writing a book, let alone publishing one. I tried self-publishing, reaching out to other authors to learn from them, learn a lot about the space and this is where I ended up – Passionpreneur.” It was already becoming clear that, for her to get to the place she wanted, she needed the right book publishing partner. That’s where Passionpreneur came in.

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Starting with Strategy to Carve Out a Niche

When Sarah connected with Passionpreneur, her author journey began with our expert coaching team on the foundational element of her book – good strategy. Would Sarah be just another author writing about inclusion in a laundry list of general HR topics? Or would she carve out a niche for herself as the go-to expert on inclusion.

Sarah chose the latter. Soon, through engaging with the Guided Author System, and working closely with the team, Sarah got her book written and through to publication in just nine months! “Passionpreneur is a team of true experts who have created an amazing blueprint of publishing for authors to simplify their journey and structure – and that’s why I chose them. With Mustafa’s constant support, and my favourite part – tough love – I was able to write ‘Inclusion Starts with U’ in only nine months locally and globally,” she said.

“Passionpreneur knew exactly what they were doing. They were professional always and they were amazing in the way they operated. I know that without them, I would have never been able to share my story with the world.”

From an HR Professional, to an International Author, to a Thought Leader

Originally Sarah thought that the end of the writing and publishing journey was the end of her author journey. “When I held the book, I knew that this was the beginning. I had so much responsibility to make sure that the message will go through, and that the book will be made available to everyone and anyone. I am so honoured that the book has reached so many places and it has the potential to reach many more places and impact more lives. “

“Most importantly it will create the impact that I have been dreaming of,” she says.

Sarah has been an inspiring author to follow as her book achieved impact globally. After her books launch, Sarah was even interviewed by Sally Helgesen – a bestselling author and inspiring women’s leader. She is well on the way to becoming the person you seek out when you think about inclusion in the workplace.

Has it been worth it? “Writing has been without doubt the greatest achievement of my life,” says Sarah. “It has been worth every single investment I have put in it – time money energy and so on. I strongly recommend anyone who has a story to tell and is keen to get it out there, do not hesitate for one more minute to go, get serious about it and make your dream come true.”

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Sarah Tabet is an HR professional with more than 15 years of well-rounded multinational experience in the human resources field, having worked with diverse people and religions.

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