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How Dr. Omar Fisher Added to his Offering by Writing a Practical Workbook

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Dr. Omar Fisher is well-established in his career as a coach, and inventor. With a special interest in financial mastery, Dr Omar has studied under personal growth masters for three decades. This led him to a role with an investment bank in Bahrain in 2005 when he distinctly remembers looking around him and asking, “Who is teaching our kids about money?”

“As I looked around, I saw that there was no financial education in schools, there was none in mosques and churches, and if there was none at home then certainly the young kids were getting their view of money from where? The shopping malls,” says Dr. Omar. “Most of us are conditioned to become spenders, consumers of our money. I decided that this could be done much better.”

Dr. Omar saw a lack and decided to address it. His first book was a guide to wealth building and was followed up with a fully Arabised version and interactive online version soon after its English run. But Dr. Omar wasn’t done yet. He wrote another book on faith and money that was soon met with another realisation: That book needed a companion – something a little different from what he had already done.

Birthing the Conscious Wealth Playbook

When Dr. Omar connected with Passionpreneur, he had something different in mind: a playbook that consisted of many templates, case studies, and exercises to help shift the reader’s mindset from a scarcity thinking to abundant thinking. The goal? “To transform your relationship with money. This is a good thing because today our money is rapidly evolving,” says Dr. Omar. “It’s becoming cashless, digital and invisible.”

“Conscious Wealth is that companion,” says Dr. Omar. “It’s meant to be a playbook. Case studies, exercises, easy to fill out templates so that you can move from where you are in your relationship with money to a stronger more confident person able to make financial decisions for a brighter future.” So how do you breathe fresh new life into a topic many people find tedious and difficult? Dr. Omar connected with Passionpreneur and began going through a structured approach to bringing his content together.

But Why Bring in Passionpreneur?

Why would an author, coach, and inventor with three books already under his belt partner with Passionpreneur? To Dr. Omar, the answer is multidimensional. “My experience with Passionpreneur is a truly professional group using a systematic approach for authors to develop their message, to become clear on what it is they want to deliver as their message out to their audience,” he says.

Like all good things in life, the journey involved growth. “I found it to be hard work, challenging, and Moustafa is a dedicated professional who lives his passion and that inspires us as authors to work hard to clarify the message and the medium. In Conscious Wealth we had case studies, we had simulations, we had gamification of money, all of that has been designed to deliver the information in a palatable attractive way.”

It was a publishing experience that took a structured yet creative approach to a topic that could easily become stale by virtue of old, familiar presentations. Yet Dr. Omar’s Passionpreneur experience resulted in a fresh, practical approach to finance.

What Does Being an International Author Mean to Dr. Omar?

“I feel honoured to be an international author, to have completed the Conscious Wealth playbook and it is now being read in multiple countries, in the US and Africa and I look forward to more people getting their hands on this book and working it through as a playbook,” he says.

“Writing a book, and in my case, having the privilege of writing 4. It is a long journey typically to do an excellent job, and really there is no reason to start in writing and publishing unless you intend to give it your very best. That would be my serious recommendation. Look inside yourself and if you have an idea, if you have a vision you want to share with others, books are one of the very best ways to get your idea shared globally.”

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Dr. Omar Fisher is a financial expert, innovator, and author, with a successful international career spanning four decades.

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