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Solving the Speed-to-Market Debacle

How the Wolf of Real Estate authored a best-selling book in a record amount of time

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Mohanad Alwadiya, the man dubbed The Wolf of Real Estate, is at the helm of a multi-billion-dollar real estate and asset management firm. He is also a content producer and presenter for some of the highest-rated TV shows in the Middle East, as well as being a sought-after commentator whose insight into the Dubai property market is unsurpassed.

For a man like Alwadiya, who has been in the real estate business for more than two decades and who possesses four generations of real-estate and investment wisdom, efficiency is paramount.

He wanted to write a book that distilled all this information into one authoritative book that empowered people to move from renting to financial freedom. But with so many proverbial plates spinning, he need to harness a system in which he could get this sought-after content down into book form and out to market efficiently.

Mohanad managed to move through content creation stage and into the publishing phase in just two months.

This feat is frankly unheard of, especially for a first-time author who is unfamiliar with the complex terrain of the publishing industry.  Traditional publishing is known for its lengthy speed-to-market, with new authors sometimes taking years to get their work seen, edited and published. Self-publishing brings with it a whole new set of challenges, including that of being seen in an ocean of self-published work by other authors.

But in just two months, Mohanad was publishing “Landlording: from renting to financial freedom.” Within two years of its release, the book had already sold in excess of 90,000 copies.

Writing the Secrets to Financial Freedom  

With real-estate and investment in his bloodline, as four generations of his family have amassed expertise in these areas, Mohanad had a lot of information to wade through. Using Passionpreneur’s Guided Author System, he was able to clearly identify the information that was vital to the books success, map out his chapters and use voice-recording technology to shorten the writing period into just two short months.

“I chose to work with Passionpreneur and Moustafa because they were extremely professional, very efficient and time was of the essence to them,” says Alwadiya. “I managed to save a lot of time by working with them. My book was published in two months, and then translating into Arabic was also a very easy experience because of their know-how and connections in the region.”

From Author to Authority

Mohanad Alwadiya vividly remembers hearing Passionpreneur CEO, Moustafa Hamwi, speak at an event. In this event, one line rang true. “He [Moustafa Hamwi] said being an author will bring you authority,” says Alwadiya. “I truly am so fortunate that I am experiencing that now. Being an international author has brought me more credibility and cemented my reputation and experience in the industry.”

Mohanad now treats his book as his business card. The book goes with him when he goes to meet new clients, whether they are residential or corporate. According to the real-estate mogul, this book has helped him gain more respect and approval from the stakeholders he needs in his industry. In this way, its value is immense not only in sharing knowledge and passing it on, but in establishing one’s authority and becoming a thought leader.

Beyond His Wildest Dreams

Two years out from making his international author debut, Alwadiya is now a best-selling author with more than 90,000 copies sold. This means 90,000 people now hold the keys to moving from renting to land-lording and unlocking financial freedom.

Becoming an international author also meant that Mohanad was able to gain exposure through speaking engagements and book sales, thus increasing his visibility and authority in his field.

In addition to his success as an author, commentator, instructor and public speaker, he has now amassed more than 1.6 million followers on social media. One of the powerful benefits of becoming an international author is that his message is not limited by time or country. It can be accessed anywhere in the world, and the message nestled within the pages can impact lives anywhere.

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Dubbed “The Wolf of Real Estate”, Mohanad Alwadiya’s extensive experience in the real estate sector has positioned him as a respected multimedia industry influencer, reliable investment advisor and eminently successful entrepreneur.

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