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Simplifying the Road to Published Excellence

How success coach and first-time author, Bassem Terkawi, used the Passionpreneur Guided Author System to make a dream come true

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Bassem Terkawi is an executive and leadership coach, and an established entrepreneur whose formative years were spent in Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Having grown up looking conflict in the face, in so many of its different forms, his life’s focus began to develop early. Bassem Terkawi’s passion to bring peace to his surroundings – whether that be individuals, families, organisations or even nations at large – became a driving force in his corporate and coaching life.

It’s a big dream. As his achievements in business, entrepreneurship and coaching grew, so too did his desire to harness the power of inner peace and deliver that gift to the world. To Mr. Terkawi, it made sense to use a centuries old medium: one that had sustained itself as a mode of getting information to the masses over many generations and even survived the technological revolution of the last two decades. He needed write a book.

“Peace In – The Five Laws of Peaceful Living” was developing in his head. But how would he get it into print?

His Passion was Clear. His Concept was Developed. But Where to Next?

Many people want to write a book. Far fewer pick up a pen and paper, or a computer and go about writing one. Still less reach the point where they have a published book ready to catapult their powerful message out into the world.

As a first-time author, with a thriving (and busy) professional life, Bassem saw the need to partner with people who were experts in the publishing process, and who had the right focus to make his dream a reality. Enter Passionpreneur Publishing, whose world-leading guided author system made the process simple.

“I chose Passionpreneur because I felt we had the same mindset,” he said. “I felt that they understood my passion, my target and who I was trying to reach. And they spoke my language. They didn’t make things complicated. They simplified things for someone who is publishing his first book and didn’t want to be overwhelmed with the nitty gritty.”

Soon, “Peace In” was a reality and making its way to shelves and eBook platforms around the world.

Clarifying the Target Audience so the Ripple Effect Can Take Hold

As any marketer will tell you, ‘everyone’ isn’t a strong target for a campaign. While everyone might benefit from your book, if you try to market it to the world at large, the message is lost. Targeted, clear focus is key to cutting through the noise and making sure your powerful message is heard. Success, therefore, starts right at the beginning with good strategy.

Bassem’s message is clear. “The reason we can’t be in peace with each-other is that we are not at peace with ourselves,” he says. As conflicts rage in homes, relationships, businesses, and countries around the world, we can see just how far-reaching the need for peace spans. How then does one make the impact that is needed?

“Increasingly, I realised (with me being an executive coach) that leaders and organisations really need to focus on bringing peace for themselves,” said Bassem. “Because those people, if they decide to recognise the value of peace, the ripple effect can reach to the many, many people who work with them.”

From this starting point, Bassem harnessed the Passionpreneur system to create a life-changing, potentially world-changing five stage formula. In his book, he dares us to imagine what life would be like if everyone in the world was at peace with themselves. He methodically, strategically, leads the reader through the journey beginning with understanding, and learning to slowly move from a constant war-torn state of mind to a relaxed and peaceful one.

Achieving a Dream and Building a Legacy

For Bassem, writing a book was a dream, but that dream was part of a mission to reach further and give more people the ability to find inner peace.

“In terms of achieving my dreams, it was a huge return on investment,” he says. “I don’t even know if return on investment is a good term to use when it was really making something very special to my heart, something I dreamed of for a very long time, real,” says Bassem.

“If you have a burning desire inside you to tell a message or reach out to an audience or make a difference in the world, you can do that through many different channels. But I still believe that books are the most reliable, impactful and sustainable platform. We read books today whose authors have passed away years ago, yet their books are still here and a lot of people are benefiting from their books and from their work.”

Coaching Towards Peace

Today, Bassem continues to be a sought-after executive and leadership coach with an extra bow to his quiver – that of international author. While those he coaches rave about his unique and insightful methods of leading people to create peace and meaning in their life, he can also reach those far beyond the limits of time and location because people can pick up his illuminating book.

He now joins a growing number of thought leaders who are expanding their reach and amplifying their impact through being a Passionpreneur and International Author.

If you want to make a difference in the world, if you have a message to share, then why not take the first step today? Find out more here.

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Bassem Terkawi (CPCC-MCC) is a leadership professional coach, and faculty member at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in California, U.S.

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