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The 5 Dominos that Made Omar’s Book an Amazon Top 10 Health & Fitness Bestseller

How Passionpreneur Publishing Helped Him Structure Two Decades of Experience Into a Simplified Guide to Reset Your Wellbeing

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Simplifying the overcomplicated fitness industry is a mission by itself, especially when you add mental health to that discussion. Omar Al-Duri had two decades of experience in the field and wanted to share his experiences and expertise through a book, but he needed support in structuring it into a simple system that anyone can apply. This was where Passionpreneur Publishing came in.

Using Passionpreneur Publishing’s strategy framework, Omar’s manuscript was refined and restructured to deliver a complete system that helps people reset their habits for optimal wellbeing. The result, Omar’s book “Reset” hit Amazon’s global top 10 bestsellers in health & fitness, one of the most overcrowded categories.

Since the publishing of his book, Omar started to get recognized as an influencer in his field and gained a new level of credibility that brought him regular flow coaching clients, key media interviews, speaking opportunities, and a skyrocketed listenership for his radio show.

Realizing the need for a holistic approach

Each of us faces various challenges in life, and Omar was no exception to that despite being a pioneer in the industry who coached international football teams from Africa and the Middle East.

The one thing that affected Omar the most was his mental health. But he was unable to talk about it aloud and seek help for various reasons — be it the culture, upbringing, or even the society he was a part of. This made him see things from a different perspective than the others.

To the media and public, he had been on the world stage, but back home, he faced many challenges. Only a few people in his life saw his darkest moments and stayed by him as he struggled to overcome them.

Omar realized that there needs to be a holistic approach to balance the body and mind — and for that, you need to reset your environment, so that mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude face you.

Putting his knowledge, passion, and experience together, he has coached many individuals and celebrity athletes and even started his own training facility.

Wanting to reach out to a wider audience

Omar has been working with several high-profile clients, celebrated athletes, and individuals interested in fitness. But he wanted more. He wanted to reach out to as many people as possible, by putting into practice not only what he learned as a coach, but also his clients who have used his Reset method.

He knew this was his opportunity to make his dream of reaching a wider audience come to life through a book.

So, he put together all his research and studies, made a list of his real-life experiences to help the readers understand better, and began writing his book.

Three manuscripts

By the time Omar has reached out to Passionpreneur Publishing, he had already written and rewritten his manuscript three times.

Condensing all the knowledge and expertise he has in the field and blending it perfectly with his life experiences and other stories without losing a friendly voice proved to be quite difficult for him.

So, when Passionpreneur Publishing CEO, Moustafa Hamwi, guided him through structuring the book and helped him to refocus the way of his communication and helped him build a strategy, Omar’s manuscript was transformed into practical guide that is easy to read and apply.

Only the beginning

Though Omar’s book didn’t immediately hit the bestsellers list on Amazon, today — even one year after its publishing — it consistently manages to keep hitting the top 10 list regularly, despite belonging to a genre of health & fitness that is one of the most overcrowded book categories.

It was the genuine mission of Omar to help people reset their health and wellbeing that kept him committed in promoting his book, and using the book to promote him.

That led to him becoming a recognized influencer in his field and gained a new level of credibility that brought him regular flow coaching clients, key media interviews, and speaking opportunities. It also gave him the right platform to create drastic growth for his own sports radio show on the leading Pulse 95 Radio.

Resetting the lives of readers

Omar already had quite a number of clients from around the world coming to him for coaching. But what he didn’t expect was the overwhelming response he got after the book was published.

He had people from varied backgrounds — from fitness professionals to people with inactive lifestyles wanting change — coming up to him and talking positively about the aspects of his book.

As a radio jockey and a coach, it definitely helped him to have everything together in one single place so that he could not only inspire the readers but also use it himself to advance his personal brand and career.

Reset is life and everyone can reset.

– Omar Al-Duri

Omar had a goal in mind – to help people with his expertise, but what he lacked was a clear structure to his material to make it more interesting and reader-friendly, and Passionpreneur Publishing made that happen for him.

If you too have expertise that you know can help others with, but need the support to turn your knowledge into a book then check out our 5-step roadmap to becoming an international author 3-6 months.

We always say to people with a true passion for their trade:
You have a message to share… the world is waiting for your book.

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Omar is an award-winning coach, trainer, and practitioner in the health and fitness industry. A pioneer in the industry, he was educated in Europe before moving to the UAE, where he has coached individuals as well as international football teams from Africa and the Middle East.

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