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Making Sophistication Simple

How Dr. Siama Qadar leveraged expert coaching to create the quintessential guide to modern etiquette

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When you first meet Dr. Siama Qadar, you are instantly struck by her elegant presence and her eye for detail. What is less obvious is the impressive clout behind the woman. She is the CEO of two organisations, a sought-after blogger and public speaker, and has been awarded her Doctorate along with many other acknowledgements. These are impressive achievements, as is the fact that Dr. Qadar managed to find the time to distil one of her great secrets of success into a book while keeping all the proverbial plates spinning.

What is this secret? It is none other than the oft-forgotten art of etiquette. But how do you condense a lifetime of training and expertise into a quick, self-help book that can empower anyone to increase their refinement and manners whether for personal improvement or business application? For Dr. Siama Qadar, the answer comes in a metaphor she is very familiar with: “Passionpreneur Publishing are metaphorically like a vase, the foundation of my flowers, which are my chapters. They were the building block to bring all my chapters together, to give me the motivation and encouragement to complete my book,” she says.

A Foundation to Bring Together Years of Knowledge and Wisdom

From an early age, young Siama was trained in manners and etiquette. Every room was to have a large flower arrangement, and the table was to be set with elegance and decorum. These responsibilities lay on young Siama’s shoulders, and she soon developed a keen eye for detail. This eye for detail lead her to observe that modern etiquette was somewhat of a disappearing art. It wasn’t just that things like “please” and “thank you” were used far less than necessary. Etiquette also carried through to personal presentation, posture, dining, one’s manner of moving and speaking, and much more.

While the golden age of finishing schools and training in refinement has long disappeared, the need to carry oneself well in life and business has not. If anything, it has only increased, becoming an obvious way to make an impact and stand apart from others. Hence, The Institute of Modern Etiquette was born, and soon the need to write a book presented itself.

“It’s for everyone, not just the high elite to have good mannerisms. It’s for everybody to aspire and develop their mannerism in an easy way,” says Dr. Qadar of the book she now holds in her hands. “Ladies & Gentlemen: The Quintessential Book on Modern Etiquette” is a dynamic self-help book that helps people improve their etiquette from any starting point.

The burning question is this: How did the head of this institute with an ever-growing curriculum, manage to find the time and clarity to release an easy-to-read, international book on a complex topic?

Motivation, Plus a Proven Process, Equals Results

“I was very creatively writing about etiquette and needed it brought together,” says Dr. Qadar. For her, Passionpreneur Publishing was the cement that joined and organised it all into a completed book that now allows her to share her wisdom on a global level.

She speaks, of course, of Passionpreneur’s proven combination of world-class coaching with a no-nonsense, practical map to crafting individual chapters and then a cohesive manuscript that readers find hard to put down.

Writing now-completed book has been a journey Dr. Siama is proud of have been on, and it has certainly paid off.

“One of the greatest things that has come out of my published book is that I have greater visibility in etiquette within the MENA [Middle Eastern and North African] and European Region. I’ve managed to increase our modules within the institute of modern etiquette, and we are improving and enhancing the vocational standards of education.”

This increased recognition and market positioning has allowed her to reach more people with the topic she is so passionate and knowledgeable about.

Increased Credibility and Recognition Through Becoming an International Author

For Dr. Siama Qadar, the investment of time and resources has been very much worthwhile. “Being within the published author journey is like a treasure in your heart that needs to be seen,” she says. “It’s definitely worth the investment be it social, financial and time. I would definitely recommend Passionpreneur Publishing for any creative, budding, or aspiring author to follow their dream and release their global book.”

While the improvements in her business and her ability to reach more people with her message are certainly key benefits for the entrepreneur and CEO, best is yet to come.

These days, Dr. Siama Qadar is honored to be among the UN Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Founder of a community project “Merciful Hands” which assists the needy, her luxury fashion brand is thriving, and she has nominee recognition for the Stars of Business Leaders Award in the years 2017 and 2018. Siama is a regular speaker for women’s empowerment, finance, taxation and company and business formation. She lectures at Universities and Colleges on Hospitality, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship and Business leadership.

This is what Passionpreneur is all about: bringing passion and expertise together to reach more people with your message. What a difference you can make with the right skills in your corner. Start your transformational journey today. Watch Dr. Siama’s book trailer here.

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Siama is the principal founder of the Institute of Modern Etiquette, teaching the finer nuances on how to acquire a polished business and refinement in lifestyle. Siama started off her foundation profession in the investment banking space in the heart of London, England, but with her passion for etiquette, she qualified in etiquette and hospitality from a renowned Swiss finishing school. Siama is also the founder for a project called Merciful Hands, feeding the poor, and is a global Goodwill Ambassador.

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