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How She Went From Being Jobless to a Leading Career Coach After Publishing Her Book

And Her Book Hit #1 Bestseller 4 Times In A Row

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After taking a sabbatical from her 7 years of career as an HR recruiter due to escalating health issues, Pegah Gol decided that it was time for her to get back to work again.

Only this time, she was unable to find a job, despite being a Human Resources professional herself.

How could someone who knew the ins and outs of the HR world not be able to find work? And if she didn’t, what would be the condition of thousands of people out there who are trying to establish a career for themselves?

So, with all the experience and knowledge that she had, Pegah put together a formula, which not only landed her two job offers but also made her realize her true passion — to help those who have almost given up on the whole process of finding their dream job.

From an HR Professional Helping Hundreds of People Get Jobs, to Being Unemployed Herself

At a young age, Pegah started working as a receptionist in a small company in her home country. In four years, she became the HR and operations manager of the same company, which now had 300 employees.

To take her career to the next level, she moved to Dubai, where she had to start over from the bottom of the ladder again. From being a junior recruiter, she went on to lead a recruitment team of her own at an international executive search firm within seven years. Unfortunately, rapid deterioration of a medical condition she had forced her to take a sabbatical from the success journey.

Thinking that getting jobs is her game, she put her CV out on the market, waiting for the flood of offers only to be met with the utter disappointment of receiving none! Diving deep into her experience trying to understand what went wrong, she realized that everyone in the market, including her at that time was still doing the same-old mechanical CV work that no longer matched the evolution of the market, it was time for a change. After all, she was getting rusty being out of a job herself and started realizing if this is her challenge, imagine how is an average job seeker feeling.

The Formula that converted challenges into opportunities

During these job-hunting days, Pegah stumbled upon a seminar about becoming an author by the Passionpreneur by Moustafa Hamwi. She had always wanted to write a book, so she decided to attend the event.

But the problem was, she didn’t have a clue what to write about, or how to do it. And worse, she didn’t have a job, which meant she did not have the finance to pay for the book.

In the seminar, she learned about the process of writing and how to come up with an idea. She approached Moustafa with a determination that she wants to be an author, BUT she had no money to pay for it.

“At first, I was taken back with her “I’m broke” position, but it was the spark of passion & determination Pegah had that made us take a bet on her.”

– Moustafa Hamwi

The first task for Pegah was to get a job so she can pay for the book; it was the case of when the “why” is big enough, then the “how” takes care of itself. She managed to figure out what changes she needed to do in her job-hunting process and landed herself a recruiter job in a boutique executive search firm.

The process she followed to land herself a job became the seed for her book The Formula talk about turning challenges into opportunities.

When It Rains, It Pours

The hurdles in Pegah’s writing journey weren’t just over yet. In the middle of her writing process, she lost her mom and spiralled into depression. But her book gave her the purpose, a reason to keep going. And all along—through the thick and the thin—Passionpreneur’s team stayed by her side.

Finally, all her efforts came to fruition and her book hit the market, achieving the bestseller status in paperback format—not once, not twice, not thrice but FOUR TIMES!

“My purpose is to help people struggling to find a dream job. And this book helped me achieve it.”

– Pegah Gol

Hitting The Bestseller List — Four Times!

Four days after the launch, when Pegah posted a picture of her next to the rollup banner holding her book on LinkedIn, The Formula hit the bestseller list in paperback for the first time. Pegah says, “It wasn’t luck or some kind of trick. It was all the hard work, support and the pure intention to “help” that really paid off.”

It was the network that she so meticulously built over the years — taking 40 candidate calls per day, having 10 applicant meetings and 5 client meetings per week, and working almost 14 hours a day to make sure all job-seekers get the guidance they need in their job-hunting process — which created a trust on her ability to help and supported her when she became an author.

The second time Pegah’s book hit the bestseller list was after the world saw it’s the wave of COVID pandemic — and this time, it was sheerly through word of mouth. And just last month, on the 1st of July, The Formula found itself top of the bestseller list for the third time.

Pegah’s book not only helped her build her legacy, but also helped her to be more confident about as a career coach and recruitment professional, and enabled her guide thousands of job-seekers, professionals, and C-Level executives find the job that’s right for them.

From the Readers

Since its release, “The Formula” has helped several people take the next big step towards their career growth through the tips and tricks, and a guide that’s so perfectly tailored for modern-day job hunting.

Many readers, who read The Formula and approached Pegah for more coaching sessions, and landed jobs, that too amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“The intention of the book was to help. Even if it’s one person, it’s serving its purpose!”

– Pegah Gol

If Pegah’s story proves anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter what your country, language, or financial status is. It doesn’t matter if you know what to write about or not! All that matters is: are you really passionate about becoming an international author? If so, then you most definitely can.

This is exactly what Passionpreneur Publishing specializes in: helping passionate experts share their message with the world.

Hope you are inspired enough to take action towards writing your book. If you want to learn a simple 5 step process to write & publish your book, download our Blueprint To Become An International Author.

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Pegah Gol is a director of human resources consultancy, based in the United Arab Emirates, and also a licensed career coach, with over fifteen years of experience in helping people (from graduates to senior C-level executives) predominantly in the Middle East to take the next big step toward their career growth.

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