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From One Woman to the World

How Geeta Ramakrishnan transformed her business and expanded her opportunities through becoming an international author

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Human behavior has always been a point of fascination for Geeta Ramakrishnan. Starting her career working in human resources, she became keenly aware of the multiple pressures modern adults, and especially women, take on. With life wisdom behind her, and expert coaching in the discipline, she became an ontological life coach and began to empower people towards finding their peace and happiness as well as success.

It’s work her clients rave about, making Geeta a sought-after life coach and change expert.

The years had seen her tread a well-worn path: she had been a wife and mother trying to maintain her career while also being the perfect supporter a high-achieving husband and mother to two enthusiastic and energetic kids. These days, Geeta knew how to help her clients navigate that maze, find themselves and find balance, happiness and meaning. But a conversation with her husband was about to change her approach to business and enable her to expand the impact of her message exponentially.

“You should write a book”

“I still remember the moment so distinctly,” says Geeta with a laugh. “My husband said, ‘you are coaching but you should put it in a book form so you can help more people.’ And I laughed, but that thought stayed in my mind.”

Would a book unlock opportunities to help more people?

Now, the product of that conversation is on bookshelves around the world, ranking as an Amazon #1 bestseller. “The Game of Change” is targeted at empowering people to move from stress to a zen, happy space in life where they are at their productive best.

It’s a life-changing message, as often people chase down success at the cost of peace or happiness. Geeta presents a system by which you can have both.

Truly, there’s no better time for Geeta’s message to be packaged up and offered to the world than right now. Across the globe, we are witnessing seismic change at rapid rates. More and more people are facing multiple pressures and, according to Geeta, women and the younger generation are often the ones who carry the weight of this heavy stress.

“Putting my whole product in a book form, so to say, would reach out to more people, more younger women.” This passion to help more people move beyond stress and learn to live their best lives meant a shift had to occur. Geeta had to put pen to paper.

The magic started to happen when she reached out to the team at Passionpreneur Publishing.

A Passionpreneur Levels Up

Geeta is a self-confessed planning enthusiast. It was this that made Passionpreneur the best choice for her. “They had a path. Everything was mapped out in front of me. It was very easy to follow from A to B to C. How to write, how to edit, how to get it printed. I couldn’t have asked for better. I love planning and I love systems. We really synchronised,” she says.

From the first moments of Geeta’s Passionpreneur publishing journey, her thoughts were put into action and distilled into chapter form, and out came the book. But the journey was not just about getting a book onto shelves. It was about empowering and validating the important and life-changing work she did and connecting her with the right people to help her expand her message.

“When the book came out, I was celebrating that it was published, but it really validated me as a coach and opened up a lot of opportunities for speaking engagements and group engagements. It’s an awesome platform,” she says of the Passionpreneur experience.

More than a Publishing Journey

From the moment she connected with the team at Passionpreneur, the wheels were in motion. Soon, she was holding a book in her hands and realising the opportunities that came with an expanded network and reach.

Whenever you write a book, it’s an investment – both in terms of time and resources. But for Geeta, the return was not only in terms of an Amazon bestselling book, but a great booster for her business.

“When you call it an investment you can expect a return,” she enthuses.

A Woman on a Mission

These days, you can find Geeta delivering empowering workshops, helping groups navigate change and doing one on one coaching with individuals. She is on a mission to help 10,000 “win the game of change by providing the tools to live a stress-free and meaningful life in peace and in joy,”

This book will empower people, especially women who multitask, to handle any task in life and come out a winner. Find out more about Geeta’s book, “The Game of Change” here.

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Geeta Ramakrishnan grew up in Mumbai, India. Her marriage brought her to Dubai. Keenly interested and intrigued by human behaviour, she focused on human capital management of the family business. She offers coaching and also conducts workshops on her favourite subject “change”. She offers her experiences, demonstrating the balancing act of nurturing success with happiness.

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