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From Executive to Author to Thought Leader

How Abdalla Nasr Learned He Could Learn a New Skill and Excel in it

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For more than ten years, Abdalla Nasr’s job was to go around the world and hire, promote, assess, develop and let go of people. This task sparked an interest in him. “I’ve always been interested in understanding why there are certain people who climb the corporate ladder faster than others,” says Abdalla. “I decided to note down all these stories, understand their behaviors and interview leaders around the world to understand how they reached these highest positions in organisations and how they select talent in their own teams.”

His passion for understanding the drivers of corporate success was built on an understanding that having the right job and excelling in your career in a healthy and balanced work environment can change your life. Not only that, but it can also change the lives of those around you. “My hope was to contribute a little bit to help people have the life they wanted for themselves and for their families,” says Abdalla, who is now the author of the international bestselling book The Corporate: The Art of Thriving in a Competitive Market.

“I never intended to write a book, until in one weekend I was sitting down and writing about one topic. At the end of that one weekend, I realised that I had written more than four thousand words. And this is when I thought that I had it in me,” Abdalla recalls.

But there’s just one thing: he didn’t know how to write a full book, let alone publish one. How do you do that?

From Idea to Done to Bestseller

“The only challenge here is that I didn’t know how to write a book,“ says Abdalla

Writing a book can seem like a vague and difficult task, but for Abdalla it wasn’t that way. “Passionpreneur publishing helped me from the strategy all the way to the publishing. I was looking for a publisher that has the confidence, the community, the track record, and a clear plan. Passionpreneur had that and a lot more.” Choosing a publisher that had all the knowledge and systems in place, but also ensured Abdalla kept 100% ownership of his intellectual property and his content was a big part of his success.

When you ask him about his favourite part of the journey, Abdalla has more than one answer. But a true highlight was picking the cover. “As soon as I found the cover that I liked, that’s when I realised the book was going to be out very soon. And the first time I held my book it was like a dream. I realised this was actually happening,” he recalls.

Abdalla is now an international bestselling author and a thought leader. His book “helps ambitious employees reach their highest potential in the shortest time without sacrificing their health and wellness.” It achieves this by providing them with insights about why organisations hire, develop, promote, and let go of one person over another, and solve the most complex career challenges in the simplest most creative ways.

Other Highlights: Three Types of Return on Investment

As he looks back on his journey to authorhood, there are many highlights. But the first is the journey towards thought-leadership. “To write a book, you need to read a lot of good books. The biggest value that I had while I was writing my book was from all the research and readings and interviews that I had with leaders that I had in my own career that helped me grow so much faster,” he says.

“The second value that I had from becoming an international bestselling author was proving to myself that I could start something new and still excel in it. When I wrote The Corporate, I never cared about the financial return. The best return that I had was receiving a lot of messages on social media telling me how The Corporate had helped them overcome their corporate and career challenges. And that was the best return that I could ever wish for.”

“It was totally worth the investment. It took me three years to write that book. But if you have a topic that you are so passionate about and want to share with the world. You should definitely write your own book.”

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Abdalla Nasr is a certified global trainer in talent assessment and development who has worked across the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US to hire, assess, and develop talents at different organization levels.

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