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Dr. Corrie Turns His Book Spartan CEO Into a Bestselling Masterclass

How he used the book to skyrocket the growth of his consulting business

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Dr. Corrie Block has been coaching executives on how to lead to a better competitive advantage through mental, physical, and organizational fitness for years.

But it was not until a few of the CEOs he was coaching suggested he must put his methodology into a book that he had his lightbulb moment. He had all the research material ready and the drive to turn it into a manuscript, but he had no idea about turning it into an internationally published book.

He knew his material was impactful; it had the academic rigor and a proven track record of successfully helping CEOs. The only thing he was missing is a publisher with the right niche for such a transformational book.

All it took him was meeting the team at Passionpreneur Publishing, who helped him become an international author in around 3 months. He then turned his book into a bestselling masterclass.

Life as a coach

For over 20 years, Dr. Corrie Block has worked with more than 100 companies, giving their executives deep insights on employee engagement, meaningful management, AI, culture, tech, innovation, and the organization of the future.

As a leading business strategist, professor of strategic management, a certified NLP coach, and an international speaker, Dr. Corrie coaches the world’s top executives from multinational companies and small family businesses.

His experience has helped him understand the drastic changes in definitions and drivers of high capacity executive performance. After years of research, he came up with a C-Suite cheat sheet that will help CEOs and executives work at the best of their capacities, thus having an advantage in the market when compared to the competitors.

Coaching material paved the way for the inception of the book

For a very long time, Dr. Corrie has focused on his coaching career; writing a book was never on his mind.

He has done a lot of research to prepare his coaching material, which he used to teach the CEOs, executives, and leaders of various organizations.

But one day, when he was having coffee with one of his coaching clients, they said: ‘It’s sad that your coaching isn’t reaching more leaders.’

That comment made him think about doing more with his coaching and reach out to as many people as possible from across the globe. And the obvious answer was to turn his coaching methodology into a book.

Publishing isn’t a cakewalk

Two years into his writing journey, Dr. Corrie’s manuscript was completed. However, he was unaware of what it took to turn a manuscript into an internationally published book, in a credible way, until he found Passionpreneur Publishing.

He was excited that his book was one step closer to being published, and he had an interesting realization once the editing process started.

Being a professor, Dr. Corrie has always considered himself a good writer. In fact, he has written several journals and academic papers, which have been published in various academic publications. But editing the book to make it readable for non-academic leaders was a totally different ballgame.

But the editing team at Passionpreneur Publishing helped him smoothen the manuscript and bring out the message in a readable manner. Soon, his rough manuscript was turned into an international book named “Spartan CEO”, which became a practical guide for high performing executives.

Foundation for the masterclass

Publishing his book with Passionpreneur Publishing has cemented Dr. Corrie’s credibility, which skyrocketed the growth of his executive strategy consulting business; it also inspired him to think about how he can further turn his book into coaching material for his business.

Being a high performer himself, Dr. Corrie capitalized on the lockdown during the COVID pandemic and used his book to design a masterclass that scored over 200 CEO enrolments. All of this happened in under just six months after the publication of the book.

Becoming the authority

Ever since Spartan CEO was published, Dr. Corrie is approached on a weekly basis by executives from different organizations, telling him how transformational his book was to their performance.

The book helped me cement my credibility against what used to be my competition until I published the book, now I am viewed as the go-to expert when it comes to executive high performance.”

– Dr. Corrie Block

If Dr. Corrie’s story proves anything, it’s that as much as publishing the book is about inspiring others, it is also a wise investment in growing your personal brand positioning and accelerating your business growth.

So, if you believe you have unique knowledge and experience that can be turned into a book, check out this publishing guide that explains the 5 step roadmap to take your idea into an international book in 3-6 months.

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Dr. Corrie is one of the world’s most impactful contemporary leadership experts. He connects quickly with his audiences and nudges worldviews in meaningful, enduring, and often surprising ways. He is a leading business strategist, Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School, and certified NLP and Executive Coach, with over 20 years’ experience working on more than 100 companies.

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