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We hold your hand from idea generation until your books are delivered to your doorstep. This package is designed for busy executives like you. We know you have tons of experience in your field and need help getting the ideas out of your head and into a bestselling book in the most efficient way with as little effort as possible.

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Guided Author Package

Here's What You Get

Your Guided Author package includes everything in International Author, plus:

1. Strategy Session

A one-to-one strategy session with our senior team to guide you in finding your niche, defining your book topic, knowing your ideal audience, and focusing your key messaging, book elevator pitch and chapter list.

2. One-to-One Coaching

Get one-to-one coaching based on a schedule that suits you, starting with planning your book journey, moving to chapter blueprints which cover how to share your Expert Positioning Story, your Big Picture chapter with your signature methodology, and teaching chapter blueprints.

3. Accountability & Motivation

Weekly progress follow-ups and motivation by your coach through email, WhatsApp or phone to ensure you meet your deadlines.

4. Content Review

A full review of your blueprints to ensure your structure delivers on the book strategy, and a review and evaluation of your content once you are done writing/recording to ensure the quality of the manuscript.

5. Record Instead of Typing

Record using your phone and we will handle do the transcription. Just record 20 minutes per chapter for a total of about 3-4 hours. That is enough to produce a 200-page book. And, if you prefer writing, we will guide you on how to utilize the blueprints to reduce your writing load.

6. International Publishing - Turnkey Package

We will take your manuscript and publish it internationally within 3 months. You own 100% of your copyrights and royalties, and you will have the final say on everything related to your book That is 100% control with 0% hassle. Click here to check what is included in the International Author package.

7. Printing & Delivery

Up to 500 books delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world

Exclusive Bonuses for the Guided Author Package

1. Access to Our Senior Team

To support you throughout your writing and publishing journey.

2. Never Pay For Book Coaching Again

Get transferrable knowledge to use for writing your future books without paying us for coaching.

3. Guaranteed Discount

On any future services you may need, such as your second book, turning your book into an audiobook, one-to-one coaching, and much more.

4. Lifetime Group Coaching

Lifetime access to attend group coaching calls covering everything you need on your journey from author to global thought leader. We cover everything from “how to become a bestseller”, to “how do I get ROI on my book investment.” Simply put, if you have a question, we have the answer.

5. Exclusive Passionpreneur Author Network

Get access to the exclusive Passionpreneur author tribe covering 20+ nationalities and spreading all the way from the US, UK and Europe through to the Middle East and all the way to Australia.

6. Lifetime Access to the Author Academy

Get lifetime access to the Author Academy including all the extra bonuses that come with it, so that you can write your next book much more easily.

The Guided Author Experience

Hear What Our Authors Had to Say

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Dr. Corrie Block

Author of "Spartan CEO" and "Business is Personal"

Book Flat Cover Dr. Corrie Block Spartan CEO Passionpreneur Publishing
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Dr. Hanan Selim

Author of "Second Chances"

Book Flat Cover Dr. Hanan Selim Second Chances Passionpreneur Publishing
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Chris Farioli

Author of "The Pizza Guide to Digital Marketing"

Book Flat Cover Christian Farioli The Pizza Guide to Digital Marketing Passionpreneur Publishing

The Guided Author Journey

Get Published Internationally in 6-8 Months

Designed for busy executives with extensive knowledge and experience on their topic who want personalised attention






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author profile omar al duri passionpreneur publishing

Author Success Story: Omar Al-Duri

How Omar's book became an Amazon Top 10 bestseller in the crowded health and fitness genre

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