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How to Choose a Perfect Book Topic?

Post How to Choose a Perfect Book Topic

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3 things to think about before you start writing your book.

Clarity breeds mastery.”

– Robin Sharma

Excited about writing a book but not sure what to write about?

Want to find the best topic for your book that you will enjoy writing and will bring you maximum returns and impact at the same time?

Choose a Perfect book topic and settling in on the key messages are the cornerstones of a successful book. So we will start by talking about why it is even important to think about these things, and then discuss how to:

What do people think?

Most people think that a good book is about just sharing things from your heart, which is only one part of the puzzle. If you really want to get the maximum impact from your book, you need to make sure it is on-point.

At the end of the day, a book is a communication tool, would you go to the most important presentation of your life with no clear strategy or preparation and just “speak from the heart”?

I hope not!

Your book is your presentation to the world and you want to make sure it is on-point and perfectly fit for purpose. This is why, when we are working with our authors, our first step with them is to conduct a strategy session to ensure the book will get maximum ROI and impact.

Start with WHY!

The first step in this process is to know your purpose from writing a book. This remains to be the best sounding board along the writing journey to understand if what you are writing will serve the purpose. We discussed those in detail in previous blogs. Below is a quick recap on the top 4 reasons behind writing a book:

  • Become an authority in your field
  • Spread your message
  • Using it to attract the right clients
  • Launching your speaking & coaching career

The next step after that is to define the right book topic

…which is the core of your book. To choose a perfect book topic that serves your audience as well as you, find the sweet spot between 3 things:

  • Your passion: a topic that you love to learn & teach
  • Your skills: a topic that you know better than most of your target audience
  • Has market: a topic that people are willing to read, and know about

The overlap between these three questions is your sweet spot for a successful book topic.

If you are visual like me then you will enjoy doing this exercise using the sheet below which you can download as a part of our publishing guide.


Now that you have a laser-sharp topic, you must dive deeper into every aspect of your book by developing a Book Concept Sheet starting from your target audience (readership), the key messages you want to deliver to them, what problems are you solving for them, and how do you solve it. Then, you condense all that into your book elevator pitch and then condense that even further to come up with a catchy title and a clear subtitle.

This is an extensive process that we run through in our strategy session for authors who are part of our Guided Author program.


To make it easier for you to do by yourself, we developed a simple one-page version of it, which you can download as part of the free publishing guide.

A perfect example on how this process is crucial to the success of any book is Gautam Ganglani, who already had a great manuscript before coming to us, yet realized after the strategy session that he can tweak the content further to make it speak perfectly to his audience, which meant the impact he generated was 10X more than he had originally thought.

Simply put, he turned what could have been a “missed opportunity” into a big WIN!

Some of you might be thinking “I’m still not sure”, which is normal.

Maybe you do have a very unique niche, which cannot be figured out just through thinking. In that case, you should conduct quick dipstick research where you survey around 10 people asking them for insights based on the concept sheet you created. This simply means that the first step to do so is to actually go through the process described.

Now that you know the key purpose of writing the book. Have a topic that hits the sweet spot and a clear concept sheet that gives you the bird’s eye view of what the book is about. You can move into creating the content.

And if you are already freaking about the fact that you do not know how to get on about writing, just check out our next blog about how you can produce a 200-page book without even typing a single word.

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