Hear from some of our authors who used their books to propel themselves to amazing heights.




Here’s what our passionate authors have to say about their journey with us.


“The knowledge and experience of the team with respect to marketing, publishing, and book construction was beyond belief.”
Mahi Amin
Author of “Life As We DON’T Know It”

“Very impressive, from step 1 till the last step – the coaching sessions are amazing and really help you stay on track.”
Larissa Redaelli
Author of “Happydemic”

“My book was only possible due to the drive of Passionpreneur Publishing’s experts, mentors, coaches, and the amazing structured portal.”
Sarah Tabet
Author of “Inclusion Starts With U”

“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me achieve my dreams…my journey was exciting and full of learning.”
Stephen Fernandes
Author of “Relaunch X”

“The book strategy sessions helped me craft my years of research and expertise into a book. What I liked in specific was the scientific chapter blueprinting technique which helped to bring out the author in me.”
Ashutosh Sinha
Author of “Breakthrough”

“Thanks to Passionpreneur Publishing’s consulting, coaching, structure, and amazing knowledge and passion, I now consider myself to be an expert…I can’t wait to write my second book through them.”
Saahil Mehta
Author of “Break Free”

“I was only able to finish my book due to the accountability factor that Passionpreneur Publishing has. The support we get as a community is amazing. Everything is so structured, with no pain at all.”
Sadaf Tauqir
Author of “Flip”

“My writing journey with Passionpreneur Publishing has been incredible. They were very professional, very hands-on, and they guided me through everything.”
Kiran Shah
Author of “Pink Shoes and Jilbaab”

“I had very good support from the Passionpreneur team to help me put my thoughts into an order that made it something that I could share. I had a gift, and the Passionpreneur team gave me the platform to give it away.”
Genevieve Pantin
Author of “Find Your Purpose, Find Your Path: A Lioness Heart”

“My experience writing the book has been super easy and exciting, thanks to the professionalism of Passionpreneur Publishing. I had 80% of the book content ready when I signed the deal – Passionpreneur’s formula helped me finish my book in record time.”
Dr. Kasem Akhras
Author of “Pharmaceutical Market Access in Emerging Markets”

“Who’s Your Mummy” would have never been written were it not for Moustafa Hamwi and Passionpreneur Publishing. They were the ones that helped me realise my dreams, guided me through my journey, and the end result is my own book.”
Alexis Dunstan
Author of “Who’s Your Mummy”

“I’d like to thank Moustafa and his amazing team for having me on this journey. From the book outline, all the way to the manuscript and publishing – they’ve done an amazing job. They were my friends, mentors, and coaches all in one. I sincerely recommend working with Moustafa and his team for anyone looking to write their first book.”
Anastasia Dorokhina
Author of “Time to Buy Your Perfect Home”

“I found Passionpreneur Publishing to be very proactive and very systematic. I would recommend any writer to proceed with them.”
Dr. Jamal Chaykhouni
Author of “From Technical to Legal: Mitigating Contracts ADR Risks Clauses from 99 to 1%! Saving Time & Costs Preventing Disputes”

“Dealing with Passionpreneur gave me this personalised approach and I could feel the care from the whole team. They were patient in walking me through my entire journey of publishing my first book. Thank you Passionpreneur for being there!”
Hanane Benkhallouk
Author of “SEEDs of Change”

“What I really enjoyed about working with Passionpreneur was the “tribe” as we call it, Moustafa’s tough love to help you stay on track, and a wonderful team of people that work with you and help you make this journey such an inspiration.”
Michelle Strydom
Author of “Sales Is Fun”

“This is my first book. I selected Passionpreneur Publishing because of the lovely journey, strategy, and support they give authors, and that gave me great confidence in selecting them.”
Rodayna Tiraoui
Author of “Secrets of Administrative Excellence”



“Passionpreneur Publishing are genuinely vested in the author’s success. They provided the right amount of mentoring, expertise and guidance to get the book out on time and accommodated my special requests as well.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me with the final stage of publishing of my book – the most crucial – the final editing and look and feel of the book. It has been great working with the entire team, everyone very responsive and supportive. Thank you all!”

“What an awesome and tickling journey it’s been. I couldn’t have done it without my friends at Passionpreneur Publishing.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing team were supportive and helped in every way possible, they took initiative to provide recommendations that worked better than my original plan on every element of my book. Thank you.”

“Passionpreneur Publishing provided me with a whole team of experts who did their best to make sure that my book is published as per the time target and also to ensure that my expectations on quality standards both on editing and design are met to my satisfaction.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me achieve my dream of publishing my first book. Their attention to details, the easy to work with attitude, the flexibility, the valuable feedback and advices offered helped me learn a lot and enjoy this publishing journey.”

“Passionpreneur Publishing did a wonderful job on making sure my book was perfectly up to standard in every way possible. All my design requirements were taken care of and communication at every stage was prompt and made the process easy.”


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