Here’s what our passionate authors have to say about their journey with us.

“Passionpreneur Publishing are genuinely vested in the author’s success. They provided the right amount of mentoring, expertise and guidance to get the book out on time and accommodated my special requests as well.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me with the final stage of publishing of my book – the most crucial – the final editing and look and feel of the book. It has been great working with the entire team, everyone very responsive and supportive. Thank you all!”

“What an awesome and tickling journey it’s been. I couldn’t have done it without my friends at Passionpreneur Publishing.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing team were supportive and helped in every way possible, they took initiative to provide recommendations that worked better than my original plan on every element of my book. Thank you.”

“Passionpreneur Publishing provided me with a whole team of experts who did their best to make sure that my book is published as per the time target and also to ensure that my expectations on quality standards both on editing and design are met to my satisfaction.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing helped me achieve my dream of publishing my first book. Their attention to details, the easy to work with attitude, the flexibility, the valuable feedback and advices offered helped me learn a lot and enjoy this publishing journey.”

“Passionpreneur Publishing did a wonderful job on making sure my book was perfectly up to standard in every way possible. All my design requirements were taken care of and communication at every stage was prompt and made the process easy.”


“Passionpreneur Publishing provided me with exceptional end to end service. From design to editing, each process ran smoothly. They have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure timely delivery and for whom client satisfaction is prime. I would highly recommend them to whoever is looking for quality work. Thank you.”

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