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Dr. John Demartini – Why You Should Write a Book

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Why should I write a book?

The magnificence of the book takes which deep inside you and crystallizes it clearly, in a way that serves other people forget it. It makes you articulate in a smooth, meaningful manner, what’s inside you that you want to experience.

Everybody has a desire to make a difference, everybody whether they’re conscious or not have vision and a message inside them, a vision inside of them and a book, is a way of expressing that in a way that can lead to a legacy of immortality, because a book can last for beyond their life. And it’s a way of loosely crystallizing what they’re all about and their life’s work in a format that can change people around the world in a massive way.

You never really know the limits of one book. I mean, a book can sell and pass on and pass on and go through 1000s of people and impact people and so you can. It’s a calling card of opportunity for expressing what’s authentic within your heart in a clear and concise manner. It helps you get clear about what that mission is and get that message out.

So it’s a great, great way I, that’s the fastest way to learn is to actually write a book. If you want to learn about yourself, you want to learn about how to make a difference, well write a book. That’s the magnificent way of doing it, I, I’ve been writing since I was very young, and I love writing because it’s the fastest way to learn something is to articulate insurance.

So if you want to learn and master your mind and master your message and master the impact to make a difference in the world, a book is fantastic way.

I’m not a good writer. How can I write a book?

There’s so many ways of writing a book today, a book almost writes itself, you can do a live presentation and have a dialogue with somebody like we’re having. And it can be transcribed. Now electronically in seconds. And you can then have a professional editor along with yourself and take all the stress out, and they can help you put it into a masterpiece and get you to put your own heart and your feedback to it, but they can help you. You don’t have to do all the drudgery that we used to do.

When I first started writing books, we had a Corona typewriter. That would stick with the keys, had no erasing tape, you had to start all over on the page. Today, you talk, and it’s being printed almost by the time you get it out of your mouth. So there’s, there’s absolutely no reason not to get after and write the book of your dreams. Think about your children, and write what’s in your heart, and watch what happens to their lives, they get to know you the ways they, they’ve never even know that’s there’s so many benefits of writing a book, but it doesn’t have to be stressful today.

There’s many ways of doing it where you take all the stress out to do what you do, what is most inspiring to you. If you’re not filling your day with high priority actions that inspire you, and you’re filling up with over distraction, you’re not living an inspired life, so any part of the writing process there, you can have helpers, help you on that process.

Your team can help people write a book. All they have to do is have something in their heart they want to share, that book can be created. And so there’s no reason to hesitate or get frustrated or, or have any sort of delay in writing what’s inside your heart. You can sit down and do. I did a book one time in Canada, and I had a lovely lady who was an editor, and we chatted for about three hours she wrote a bunch of questions I answered those things he transcribed the whole thing went through and started editing it, and we met and knocked out a book in less than two weeks just completely ready to go into the print.

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