Imowo Enang

Imowo Enang The Underdog Code

Position yourself to win today and tomorrow! Did you know that the same ‘disadvantages’ appearing as barriers to your progress could actually be the ‘unfair advantages’ that can position you for continued success? The Underdog Code by Imowo Enang is loaded with all the necessary blueprints to get you thinking, acting, and winning like the […]

Soumana Ammar

Without your job title, WHO ARE YOU

YOU ARE NOT YOUR TITLE. YOU ARE THE PERSON BEHIND THE TITLE! Soumana Ammar believes in equal opportunities that empower individuals to be who they aspire to be.

Frven Lim

Frven Lim Wellbeing+Happiness Thru Architecture+Design

Frven Lim is the best-selling author of Wellbeing+Happiness thru’ Architecture+Design: Crafting Joy and Warmheartedness thru’ Designed Spaces Research has proven that wellbeing and happiness gives us a powerful advantage. Being happy makes us our best. This book is intended to nudge you to look at your life and to understand how it is being shaped […]

Philippe Mathijs

How Not To Be Lonely At The Top by Philippe Mathijs, Amazon Best Seller

Have you ever landed your dream role as an executive only to immediately face challenges your training never equipped you for? Have you wondered, “How am I going to do it?”, or found yourself managing people and wondering “Am I doing it right?” It seems there’s no magic C-suite playbook that tells you how to […]


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