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Pegah Gol

Pegah Gol is a director of a human resources consulting company based in the United Arab Emirates, and a licensed career coach with over fifteen years of experience in helping people (from graduates to senior C-level executives) predominantly in the Middle East to take the next big step toward their career growth.

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27 January 2020



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How She Went From Being Jobless to a Leading Career Coach After Publishing Her Book

After taking a sabbatical from her 7 years of career as an HR recruiter due to escalating health issues, Pegah Gol decided that it was time for her to get back to work again.

Only this time, she was unable to find a job, despite being a Human Resources professional herself. How could someone who knew the ins and outs of the HR world not be able to find work?


If you are on the job-finding journey and you’ve already gotten disappointed and have almost given up on the whole process, you are not alone. I was in your place once. Even for someone with years of experience in recruitment, searching for the ideal job after having taken a career break, was very difficult. So I decided to bring all my knowledge together and create a formula to land my dream job. I successfully tested this formula and walked into my ideal role. In this book, I elaborate on the steps that I took and let me guide you on this journey so that you can use this Formula for successful job finding.

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Meet the Author

About Pegah

Pegah Gol is a director of a human resources consulting company based in the United Arab Emirates, and a licensed career coach from Career Counselling Services, London.

One that most resonates with her is: “How are you?” and the ability to answer this question truthfully, courageously, and with compassion. Her education, and more than 17 years of career in law have taken her to different places and allowed her to experience different cultures. It allowed her to embark on her spiritual journey and find her purpose in life, so she became a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She has been a guiding voice to many, as she is very passionate about empowering and inspiring others.She feels responsible for spreading awareness that it is only through love and courage that people can thrive in their lives, and be their true selves.

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