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Michelle Strydom

Michelle Strydom is the "go-to sales training expert" for business owners and multinational organisations around the world who are struggling to improve their sales results.

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18 November 2021




Tired of not achieving your sales results? Want to know how you CAN and have FUN at the same time? Through “Sales Is Fun”, author Michelle Strydom helps CEOs, business owners, sales leaders and their teams in B2B service industries not only achieve their targets, but also exceed them – selling virtually or in person! Whether you are a multinational organisation or a business owner, this book offers Michelle’s highly effective and practical eight-step sales process that will help you land more clients and achieve great sales results.

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About Michelle

Michelle Strydom is the “go-to sales training expert” for business owners and multinational organisations around the world who are struggling to improve their sales results.

She has over 20 years of successful sales performance and corporate experience, 10 years of leadership experience, and is also a certified Behavioural, Motivators, and EQ Analyst with TTI Success Insights and an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach with Goleman EI. She is a passionate advocate in helping business leaders and their teams accelerate the growth of their business. Her training is highly energetic, authentic, and delivered in an entertaining style, and provides a learning experience that is both fun and based on the real business world. Put it this way, once you have experienced her, you will never forget her!

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Michelle Strydom

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