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Matteo Mantovani

Matteo Mantovani

Matteo Mantovani is an engineer from Modena, who ended up founding Iraq's biggest start-up and transformed the country's professional football league.

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22 May 2024




Life has a way of taking unexpected turns, leading us down paths we never imagined.

For Matteo Mantovani, that path led to Iraq – a destination he volunteered for without fully understanding what drove him.

When he stepped off a plane in the Italian winter, dressed in a heavy overcoat and boots, only to be greeted by the wave of dry Iraqi heat, Matteo realised he had some lessons to learn … quickly.

While he may not have fully known what he was volunteering for all those years ago, he’s now profoundly glad he stepped into the country that would steal his heart.

Amidst the challenges and complexities of Iraq, Matteo found a country brimming with potential, rich in culture, and eager for growth.

This journey wasn’t just about personal adventure; it was an opportunity to shed positive light on an often misunderstood and overlooked land.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and dreamers – this is a call to recognise and invest in Iraq’s immense possibilities. By dedicating time, resources, and energy, we can contribute to the significant growth of this remarkable country.

Better still, Iraq can contribute richly to our own lives. If you’ve ever even thought about dipping your toe into the rich cultural experience of Iraq, this book is your must-read.

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Meet the Author

About Matteo

Matteo Mantovani is an engineer from Modena, who ended up founding Iraq’s biggest start-up and transformed the country’s professional football league.

Dedicating a significant part of his professional life to the growth and development of Iraq, Matteo can confidently say that his breadth of experience in Iraq is unique.
Matteo’s journey is a testament to the incredible potential and opportunities Iraq holds, and he remains proud to have played a role in its ongoing transformation

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Matteo Mantovani

Matteo Mantovani


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