The Game of Change

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Geeta Ramakrishnan

Over the past 30 years, Geeta has been the glue that has held a family business together. She brings clinical and empirical research towards mindfulness as having a profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Date Published

19 July 2018




Daunted by the overwhelming task of handling multiple roles in a high-pressure world, ontological coach Geeta Ramakrishnan shares the AHA moment in her perception of the fears and insecurities of life that held not only her, but many others back from unleashing ultimate happiness too.

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About Geeta

Geeta Ramakrishnan grew up in Mumbai, India. Her marriage brought her to Dubai. Keenly interested and intrigued by human behavior, she focused on human capital management of the family business.

Her curiosity and passion led her to attend an ontological coach training program from Newfield Asia, Singapore. She offers coaching and also conducts workshops on her favorite subject ‘Change’. It took her 50 years to realize her dreams on how to be happy while holding her own in her family business and in this world. She offers her experiences, demonstrating the balancing act of nurturing success with happiness.

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