Adapting to Industry Infinity

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Archana Joshi

Archana is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience across progressive roles in Software Engineering and IT Transformation.

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20 August 2021




Traditional industries and ways of working have been disrupted and transformed by the acceleration of digital transformation. Adapting to Industry Infinity takes a holistic approach to these disruptions and how organizations can prepare and adapt their ways of working to meet these disruptions head-on. It provides best practices for both IT service providers and organizations who engage IT service providers. The 10 Pillars of Metamorphosis proposed in the book are the key levels for organizations in adapting to change.

This unique 10 Pillar model addresses the impact of globalization, the movement towards product-centric approaches, the increase in open-source platforms, privacy and security implications, and how investing in human capital and good leadership can help organizations thrive through change. Adapting to Industry Infinity shows how system integrators and service providers can use existing frameworks in more integrated and ethical ways, while meeting and exceeding changing customer and technological demands. With extensive industry knowledge from customer, system integrator, and consultant perspectives, the authors offer a unique and comprehensive guide for staying competitive in changing business and economic environments.

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About Archana

Archana is an industry leader with over 20 years of experience across progressive roles in Software Engineering and IT Transformation.

Her co-authors are Padma Satyamurthy, who is a Senior Business Leader with 25 years of experience, having worked with both Fortune 50 Companies as well as with start-ups & unicorns and Dr. Niladri Choudhuri, who is an experienced executive who has consulting experience of over 31 years in various areas of Information Technology.

Archana Joshi

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