Mama Is Gonna Take You To The Circus

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Ameera Almousa

Ameera Almousa is a therapist and a life coach. She is a mother of six who hails from Saudi Arabia. Her youngest is almost two years old while the oldest is 20 years old.

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1 January 2019




Readers are invited to go on an adventure to the circus where they will be exposed to various life dramas, and provided help and guidance on how to deal with what life throws at them through the various activities experienced while at the circus. The book will guide you through various life scenarios and teach you how to leverage them to your advantage, at the same time living in peace, appreciating happiness, and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

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About Ameera

Ameera is a therapist and a life coach who took up art therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and other disciplines to help one of her children who was afflicted with ADHD. In addition, she’s a canvas and charcoal artist who also works with pastel colours.

One of her goals is to use her skills to infuse her culture with joy and happiness: another is to spread the art of enjoying life to all those who come in contact with her. She believes it is important to spread the awareness of individuality and how unique we all are. These differences complete the global picture, creating a new culture in her country and around the world.

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Ameera Almousa

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