The Road Less Travelled

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Abdul Nassar

Abdul Nassar is hailing from a small village called Nedungottur of Palakkad district of Kerala, India and a long term resident of Doha, Qatar.

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Date Published

31 July 2018




Abdul Nassar has written the road less travelled because he believes his experience and real stories narrated in the book will help the student community who may be going through similar challenging situations and difficult circumstances. The book is written to instill hope, inspire students to set high goals in their lives, and most importantly, to achieve those goals, aspirations, and dreams in life.

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About Abdul

Abdul Nassar, who was born and brought up in a village atmosphere, an economically challenging family environment with less access to good, formative education systems, has courageously fought all the challenges, one after another, and come up a long way in life.

Nassar is a B.Com. rank holder, a chartered accountant by profession, and has worked in the oil and gas industry for the last two decades. He is currently employed in a senior finance position, with one of the best national oil companies in the world.

He has narrated all his life experiences and most importantly the lessons learned from those experiences openly and fearlessly in this book, that too in his own simple narrative English language, which any non-native speaker can easily understand. Nassar has also set up a charitable foundation and the net sale proceeds of this book will be contributed for the philanthropic purposes of that foundation.

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Abdul Nassar

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