Why Passionpreneur Publishing - PublishWe had a group of fellow entrepreneurs & experts who were passionate about getting their message out to the world. All of us were very frustrated with the experience waiting for traditional publishers to get back to us. IF they would publish our books or not (that usually took 3-6 months which most of the time ended with a NO, which meant we wasted time and had to go back to square one). Dealing with the typical self publishing service provider was so painful, confusing, time consuming; full of “fine print” and hidden costs…

So we simply decided to take matters into our own hands and launched Passionpreneur Publishing to cater to people like you & me, people who are changing the world and having fun while doing it.


Are you a go-getter that wants things done on time and on quality?

We are a boutique publishing house helping entrepreneurs and passionate experts like you publish award winning & bestseller books. We specialize in transformational books including self-help, personal growth, and business books to spread your message to the world, gain credibility, attract new clients and build your personal brand.

Become a published author in as short as 90 days with our turn-key publishing packages covering editorial, layout, design, and marketing services to get your book out to the world with the least hassle possible. We made it simple. All-inclusive packages with little fine-print, so you get only great surprises. That’s what we call 100% passion and 0% confusion.



The world today is in a very critical stage of its evolution, a lot of challenges met with amazing innovations. The only people leading the next phase are entrepreneurs and passionate experts, we call them Passionpreneurs.

A Passionpreneur is an entrepreneur of passion & purpose who want to change the world and have fun while doing it. Those who want to lead a great quality lifestyle while having an amazingly successful business… sounds like you? The term was first coined by The National while describing one of our co-founders, Moustafa Hamwi upon his return from a one-way-ticket to India on a soul search journey. Read the full interview here.


The ideal client whom we can best help have all of the traits listed below:

Profile: an entrepreneur, corporate executive, government leader, sports champion, artist, celebrity, coach, speaker or a passionate experts who want to get their message out to the world, gain more clients and be positioned as an authority in their field.

Go getter: who wants to make their book happen on time rather than wait for the approval of someone else to decide if the book is worth publishing.

Results driven: have a clear picture of what they want and like things done their way.

Thinks ROI not expense: people with entrepreneurial mindset think Return On Investment. When you think “investment” you think “how can I make money on my investment” and you end up making more money. On the other hand when you think “expenses” you try to cut corners and go cheap, that never ends up well. I heard a saying once “If you think we are expensive wait till you see how expensive the cheap guys are.”

If this sounds like you, get in touch.



We believe in being totally passionate about everything we do, so we formulated a board of advisors from across the globe covering wide spectrum of expertise around the books, publishing and media industry to ensure we are using global best-practice in every service we offer and providing you with a global network of some of the world’s top thought leaders.

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